Shehu Sani, you are warned!

It is about time that Senator Shehu Sani experiences his own epiphany; that understanding that offers profound insight into the practical realities of one’s surrounding and existence.
As a scion of Nigeria’s activist society, Sani is yet to de-radicalize himself of the bellicose nature of social activism. He still sees himself as a comrade rather than a member of the ruling elite.
Also, the Kaduna central senator seems to lack a knowledge of the supremacy of hierarchy in party politics especially that as practiced by the APC. If he were to be in doubt as to how to behave, he should just look to Senate President Bukola Saraki and his travails.
Is it not impudence for Sani to consistently hold APC leaders to their words? Does he not know that there is nothing like honour amongst some thieves?
For him it is a novelty that the same people who harangued former President Goodluck Jonathan over the removal of fuel subsidy; the same band that waxed ‘patriotically’ about the impracticability of fuel subsidy removal are the very ones who now removed it without a second thought.
Perhaps the senator knows all these but with his eyes fixed on the ball for 2019, he can ill-afford to be seen as having broken ranks with the Talakawas; those who will decide the fate of the Kaduna governorship in 2019.
But with the riot act by the party to him to mellow down or be marooned on the Island of Explusion, it would do well for Sani to cool e temper!


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