Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

I was humble in service, not a wolf, ex-AMAC chair, Jiba

The immediate past chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, Hon. Micah Jiba, said he served his people as a servant and not as a wolf. Recently, the former council boss spoke to journalists on his stewardship. He also debunked certain media reports that he was high handed insisting that as a public servant, people are entitled to assess him but advised that such assessments should be devoid of hatred, mischief, rancor and hearsay as according to him’ “history will be fair to me at all time.” Our correspondent was there for The Abuja Inquirer. Excerpts: 
Hon Chairman, can you appraise your achievements while in office? 
I thank you for this opportunity as a private citizen. For people that know me, even when I was the AMAC chairman, I did not disdain anyone who wanted to seek genuine information from me. 
Since after the handover ceremony, you are hardly in public view. What is life like as a private citizen? 
To everything, it is said there is a season. My public life was rooted in service. My private life is still about service. I find it interesting now unlike before I was not free even with my close friends. I can now attend to very personal issues I have long neglected due to official engagements. 
How will you describe your relationship with your successor going by the news making the round that you left an empty treasury? 
Well, my brother Candido knows my house, he knows my phone numbers and he has never complained any day to me that I was not fair to our people. I know journalists have a way they twist issues. I guess the news you are referring to could have been twisted and misconstrued. We are totally fine. He shares same vision as I. He is someone who has passion for service and the people come first.
When I resumed office as a chairman of the council, we embarked on several projects and programs that had direct bearing on our people. There's no community in the council that did not witness one or two government projects during my tenure. Projects, built in Waru, Dutse Apo and other communities are some of the major evidence of my administration. 
So it can be safely said you did all the needful for the people of AMAC? 
I’m someone guided by certain principles and most people know me with those principles. I believe in selfless leadership. I believe in putting the people first. I am not the type that blows his trumpet or achievements.
Frankly, I handled great projects that people thought and still thinking were handled by FCDA or MDGs. These projects cut across all the 12 political wards under AMAC. I didn’t allow political sentiments to cloud my promises to give my people the best.
Just to mention but a few, construction of Jikwoyi Township Road that has opened up that area, construction and rehabilitation works on roads in Gwagwa, Jiwa Township Roads, Kabusa Road, Dalatu Road, construction of public healthcare centers at Dakwa, construction and equipping of schools at Saburi, rehabilitation of abattoir in Karmo and Karshi, fencing of Idu Karmo Primary Healthcare, massive rural electrification and borehole projects in all the political wards under AMAC among many others were carried out during my tenure in office.
My admnistration constructed the bridge that links Dalatu to Tunga Wakili, bridge at Gbagalape and grading of the community road, fencing and upgrading of Nyanya Motor Park, Utako motor park and Kugbo Furniture.
My water projects have been adjudged the biggest so far. My market projects, shopping mall projects in Karu, Lugbe, Nyanya among others are all there for all to see. I acquired agricultural tools for my people. I distributed seedlings, fertilizers, tractors, waste disposal trucks and earth moving equipment for good sanitation within AMAC.
It is an established fact that my administration assisted in no small measure the security services. We provided the law enforcement agents with the needed equipment and materials to work with including operational vehicles and other security apparatus to ensure safety of lives and property.
In fact, I carried out projects that directly touched the lives of our people. I understood their needs and did the needful. So, I served my people as a humble servant and not as a wolf. 
There are claims that FCTA did all the major projects in AMAC during your tenure? 
Well, there are a thousand and more projects that are there to see. The records are all available. We have never claimed FCTA or MDGS projects for AMAC.
For example, the Jikwoyi township road is still intact and visible, and for N300 million. The contractor that carried out that particular project is still alive. A similar project was also done in Kabusa and Apo Mechanic Village Extension and the residents can attest to all these.
We had other road projects in communities like Damagaza township road, Gwagwa and Jiwa that were going on before our exit. The water projects in Jahi, rural electrification and water projects in each community of the 12 wards of the council are on ground to see. 


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