Anwuka proposes total overhaul of teaching - By Godfrey AKON

Anwuka proposes total overhaul of teaching By Godfrey AKON

The Minister of State for Education, Prof. Anthony Anwuka, has proposed an overhaul of the teaching profession as a panacea to some of the ills plaguing the educational sector in Nigeria.

Anwuka stated this during his maiden meeting with directors under his supervision shortly after his inauguration in Abuja.

The minister regretted that  over 50 years after independence, primary school pupils were still taught by teachers who received training with emphasis on higher education such as  education chemistry and education physics or biology,  all of which  had little or no bearing with early childhood curriculum.

He therefore pledged to commit a large chunk of his initial energy into the ways and means of repositioning the baseline for teacher training with particular emphasis on early childhood education.

"The past process whereby the lesson content was heavier than the art of teaching or the methodology itself was no longer acceptable.

“Together with my colleague, Prof. Adamu Adamu, we will ensure that we foster a new thinking and policy shift that will make education, especially moral instructions like civics, the catalyst it ought to be in national development,” the Minister noted.






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