Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

’Pastor,’ is this God’s commandment?

‘Pastor’ Korede Taiwo is one of those men of God that are better off in hell than on earth where their understanding of the Bible leaves only tales of sorrow, tears and blood.
It was with shock last Thursday that residents of Ogun state and Nigerians in general beheld the emaciated frame of 9 year old Korede, who has been chained, deprived food and was starving to death by his own father.
The stepmother of the highly traumatized and distraught Korede claims that it was to exorcise the ‘spirit of stealing’ from the deprived child who had taken to stealing food to survive.
Russell D. Moore got it right when he surmised that, “Too often, our concept of pastors and church leaders reinforces rather than obliterates the sad state of family life in our current context.”
Truth be told, Korede and his brood of vipers are those the Bible sounded the alarm against as false pastors. Today, they abound about and everywhere, stealing from their sheep, engaging in sorcery and other acts that are in clear contradiction to the teachings of Christ.
Through the gospels and the New Testament, one cannot remember where Jesus the Christ chained any of those he cured to exorcise the demons in them.
It is consoling that the fleeing self-proclaimed man of God was nabbed on Saturday, he should not be let off the hook that easily, while Korede should see his miraculous rescue as a call to penance.


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