Protests for Tinubu – Melaye disgraceful, Nigerians react

As reactions continue to trail the face-off between Senators Dino Melaye and Remi Tinubu over an altercation at an executive session in the Senate, which led to protests and counter protests by women groups in support of the warring Senators, some Abuja residents who spoke to Williams ABAH and Bintu BOMAI have labeled the action shameful; and urged women to rather protest against the killing of two innocent women, Mrs. Bridget Agbaheme and Eunice Elisha who were brutally murdered in Kano and Kubwa in Abuja. 
Our lawmakers find it convenient to protest for their interests but do not care to defend our human rights.
I don’t think we can get it right if the rights of the less privilege are violated. Our leaders show a lot of sentiments and do not care about what happens to other tribes.
About two weeks ago, a Catholic Church in Niger state was set ablaze because the worshippers converged for a serve on Friday.
The arsonists claim that Friday is the day for Islamic religious obligation and Catholic faithful have no right to worship on that day.
Nobody has come out to condemn this inhuman attack. The question on our lips is how does the freedom of worship as entrenched in our constitution work?
Shame on any woman who came out to protest for Remi Tinubu but could not protest against the killing of those two women in Abuja and Kano!
It was even wrong for the women to come out.  She insulted the man first. They are not senseless, but frustrated and desperate women seeking for any available means to survive.
Actually the protesting women do not support any of them, they are just supporting stomach infrastructure. 
If the energy these helpless women wasted for Senator Tinubu was put on the Buhari positive change agenda, Nigerians may have smiled again.
We are living in fear, nobody knows the next victim of this brutal killing going on in this country.
Since the inception of democracy in 1999, I have not seen any Senator who picks up an issue that directly affects ordinary Nigerians on the street, follow it up and address it on the floor of the National Assembly.
Everything our representatives in the National Assembly fight for is what concerns them and their families.
A woman, Mrs Eunice, was murdered in Kubwa while carrying out her religious obligation. No protest was organized by women groups.
For me, government has not lived up to expectation. In advanced countries, a national mourning would be declared for the loss of a single soul.
But in Nigeria the lives of the less privileged are worth nothing in the eyes of our leaders. The National Human Rights Commission and Non-governmental organizations protecting human rights must come to the rescue of the poor masses.
It’s a bit surprising that the Senators stoop so low as to allow media and public attention on the matter. I don't see anything but hungry politicians who are after fame.
Come to think of it, these protests have nothing to do with the woman that got killed in Kubwa. These two Senators’ drama is just a normal political conflict which they could have resolved.
But this innocent woman was killed for no just reason and nothing was done. Does that mean her death will go in vain?  Nigerian women should have come out and protest against the murder of this innocent woman.
The most painful part is that the police have done nothing. No proper investigation has been carried out, and no human activist has come up to talk about women rights.
She was a Nigerian and the culprit should be brought to justice and shouldn't be allowed to go Scott free.
It gave me a lot of concern when I saw young people on the streets to protest in support of Senator Remi Tinubu and condemn Dino Melaye.
What exactly is wrong with our young people in Nigeria? I may be wrong in my conclusion, but this to me is very shameful.
None of these young people have been on the streets to protest the senseless killing of the innocent woman in Kubwa.
Why not protest against poverty and unemployment? Senators Tinubu and Melaye are politicians and they can handle their own problems, given their kind of position.


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