Written by Ambrose IMOBHIO

Pilgrimage takes as a hit in Delta as economic recession bites

The prevailing economic recession in the country is taken its toll on Delta state, as the state grapples to meet its financial obligations.
Investigations carried out by The Abuja Inquirer revealed that there has been drastic reduction in some expenditures of the state government.
It was learnt that programmes considered of less necessity have adversely been affected with the new financial method applied by the state.
This newspaper learnt that for instance the state has more or less done away with agencies or sectors not considered too imperative.
Findings by The Abuja Inquirer revealed that Christian pilgrims to Israel before Christmas might not be too many.
We also learnt that the number of Christian pilgrims to be sponsored by the state government have been reduced from 200 to 100 amounting to 50% reduction while $500 Basic traveling allowance, BTA, has equally been approved for each pilgrim.
With the new arrangements it was gathered that pilgrims who have gone on pilgrimage before should not venture to be sponsored this year by the state.
Professor Oke Akokotu, the Executive Secretary of Delta State Pilgrims Welfare Board, told The Abuja Inquirer that the economic recession necessitated the reduction of pilgrims from 200 to 100 this year.


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