Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

Pilgrims boss charges Christians on family ideals

The executive secretary, Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Board, NCPC, Evang. Tor Ujah, has called on Christian families to build good Christian character from their homes which will further transcend to the nation at large.
He said that a culture of oneness can only be built when the family comes together even as an organization.
Speaking at the first special family get together of the commission, he noted that his tenure as the pilgrims’ boss will ensure that it builds a framework which will develop Christian character and improve on national orientation for all Nigerian Christian pilgrims.
“We intend to build a family in the NCPC, where every staff can have a sense of responsibility not considering who you are or what you do in the commission. We also plan that from next year we are going to produce pilgrim’s bibles which will be circulated to all followers of pilgrimage as a means to build a culture of Jesus Christ.
“We intend that from time to time we can have these dinners, to pull our people together so that we can develop our pilgrimage program in Nigeria,” he said.
A talk of family as life was delivered by Mrs. Berry Tor Uja, who admonished women to respect, serve and honor their husbands as they were the managers of the family.
She noted that when different individuals with different ideas and orientation come together, there is bound to be strife but as a Christian, one should focus on God and allow him to drive the boats of our families because a person who comes out of a peaceful family will be competent at his duty.
‘”It is not in fighting that you will get a solution, but in a quiet place. The place of the woman is to trust God for her husband to make the right decision and to provide an enabling environment for this to be achieved while the man has to love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for it,” she said


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