ASUU accuses FG of debasing Nigeria

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has lashed out at the Federal Government for allegedly debasing the nation.
National President of ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, who spoke at a public lecture in University of Ibadan, decried the economic woes confronting the nation.
Ogunyemi said “Comrades, ASUU is not pleased with what is happening today for at least three reasons. In the first place, as a union of intellectuals, we cannot stay aloof. We cannot watch helplessly while the ruling class continues in its act of debasement of the country.
“What has happened in this country in the last 10 years or so should be enough to transform this country if not to another Japan, but at least maybe to another Malaysia or Singapore. But unlike Malaysia or Singapore, what was sold to us in Washington consensus. I am sure my colleagues will talk more about it.
“And that was what produced Structural Adjustment Programme, SAP. What we are having now is SAP in another form. 
Somebody came up and said I will not devalue the naira, what is happening to the naira today? A free fall! Somebody said I will not increase the price of petroleum, what is happening now? 
“The price is almost doubled! And it is not impossible that in another few months, if we don’t put our acts together, we will just wake up and see that the price of pump price would be swayed.
“Is this the kind of change you asked for, a change without transformation? Nigerians asked for change, Nigerians did not asked for second enslavement. Did we? That is why we must be interested in what is happening in the country.
“It’s like the Nigerian ruling class do not have a template for governance or development. As long as that continues, we will be regressing and not progressing.
“For those who are calling themselves progressives, we are yet to see the progress which the progressives are building.
“Freedom is not a free gift. It must be fought for. It’s not a free gift. There is no nation that enjoys freedom without fighting for it and grows.
“Nigerians, we have not asked for our freedom, if that must happen, the change they’re talking about must start from our campus.”


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