Written by Godfrey AKON

Students protest Open Varsity’ ‘No 3.0 GP, No Graduation’ policy

Students of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN, have protested against the policy of no grade point average of ‘3’ or no graduation.

The students in a statement in Abuja on Saturday signed by Tony Christian, Executive Director of SubNews Empowerement Foundation, claimed that the fate of over five thousand Post Graduate Diploma students hang in the balance as they were denied their certificates upon graduation.

He appealed to the Minister for Education and the Executive Secretary, National University Commission NUC, to direct the management of NOUN to suspend the obnoxious ‘no 3.0 GP, no graduation policy’.

Christian also urged the officials to demand that the NOUN “explains why it chose to conceal the policy from students at the point of admission, only to impose it on them at the point of graduation.

“While it is a common knowledge that the policy is nothing but a deliberate scheme by NOUN to up its IGR- it was however not surprising that all students affected by the policy were deliberately made to fail some courses in a bid by the institution to generate funds from payments arising from re-registration of carried- over courses.”

He queried why “after writing these carried-over courses, with no outstanding course and scored at least 2.5 GP, it is baffling that NOUN have refused to graduate these students on the ground that they did not meet it’s 3.0 GP benchmark.

“In the history of Nigeria’s education system, it is unheard of that the certificate of a post graduate student was being withheld on account of the status of his or her GP.  The standard rule is either a student passed or failed. Whichever way it goes; it is within the right of the student to be issued either certificate of graduation or attendance. No law or policy of any university is empowered to do otherwise.     

“It is therefore alien that a post graduate student who has no outstanding course and scored at least 2.5 GP, which is by universal grading (second class lower), is denied certificate of graduation because he or she did not score up to 3.0 GP-which is still within the range of second class lower.”

He warned that if the situation is not redressed, affected students would be mobilized to demand for the sack of the Vice Chancellor and Senate of NOUN. 


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