Written by Godfrey AKON

’Nigerian degrees only good for admissions abroad’

A United Kingdom-based Nigerian database analyst, Dr. Kingsley Oguoru, has decried the perception of Nigerian certificates abroad, stating that the much you can do with qualifications from the country is to gain admission abroad and not employment.

Aguoru, who stated this at a sensitization workshop for provosts, chairmen committee of deans and ICT-Directors of NCE-awarding institutions, in Abuja, said certificates from tertiary institutions in Nigeria lacked credibility.

According to him, the poor perception was the consequence of poor academic integrity caused by factors such as plagiarism, lack of access to resources by students and lack of educational technologists among others. 

“Even though our students go through a very rigorous academic process and work very hard to earn their certificates, they are not respected abroad; they are only admitted so they can be taught again,” he said.

He noted that part of the problem was limited resources available to students, adding that the tertiary educational system in Nigeria lacked a central information system and does not have a good way of preserving records. 

He lamented that parents were not given opportunity to pay their ward’s school fees directly from any part of the world or areas of resident to Nigerian tertiary institutions as the system lacked facilities to do so.

Speaking on plagiarism, he said the problem has assumed alarming levels in Nigeria and does not allow the country’s educational system to contribute to knowledge as the system only continues to recycle what others have said without adding value to it.

He therefore recommended that students bootlegging other people’s works should be given outright dismissal as it is done in other parts of the world, stressing that plagiarism was a jail-able offense.

“There is supposed to be information that the students can access from their smart phones,” he said.

Aguoru noted that the partnership of his company, Sixgold Technology with the National Commission for Colleges of Education will lead to the establishment of a Tertiary Education Central Academic Repository, TICAR.

He said the academic repository system will provide e-check for plagiarised content in long essays and academic writings in the institutions as well as archive their academic works. 

“The mission of TICAR is to accelerate the integrity of tertiary institutions in Nigeria,” he said.




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