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Catholic communication committee tasked to propagate truth

Communication Committee for St. Donald Catholic Church, Karu, Abuja, has been tasked to propagate truth at all times as well as spread the gospel through their work.

Inaugurating the committee yesterday during the 8am mass at the parish, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr Boniface Ngene, said the committee is to help him communicate better and evangelise as well as synergies with the arch-diocesan communication office.

Earlier, during the sermon, he urged Christians to be prophets of our time and Let the light of Christ shine through their lives, just as he decried the breakdown of family values.

According to him, “We need the presence of God in our families where the devil comes to possess our family members, not necessarily manifesting in convulsions and other signs of being possessed by the evil spirit but by taking over the homes.”

He urged Christians to avoid looking for evil spirits where they don't exist, pointing out that deliverance, in some circumstances can come with the loving one another sincerely and our readiness to help one another.

Ngene maintained that the evil spirit takes over homes through our attachment to sensual things, like the television, social media, fashion and trends.

Fr. Boniface urged Christians to be watchful, noting that not watching the right programmes on television and interacting with the wrong people exposes our children to dangers hence the need to be careful because the devil has possessed the media.

“Watch out because before you know it the devil has taken over and be begin to rationalise, we imbibe life styles that was previously taboos like nudity. What we consider progress may become our undoing.

“There is need to choose the schools our children attend and be watchful what they teach our children in schools in the name of sex education because some persons who teach them don’t care about God. Don’t put education before God. God first before education.”

He said Christians must rebuke the evil one and depend on God‎ as well as fortify themselves because the devil is roaring and seeking people to devour.


“Don't wait till you are hit hard because some have been hit and are still trying to recover. Stand firm in God if not the devil will extinguish the prophetic power in you and may give you rootless power without the fear of God,

“Jesus had power and the fear of God hence as Christians we should exercise power that can give glory to God. We have power in our hands, Power to change the world but it must come with the fear of God.

“We can change the tide by having a say in how we are governed and hold our leader accountable. Action can change things. So, we must rise up and do our own part. Register and vote and ensure it counts; monitor the elected official and make them know that anything they do they must do well.”

The committee has Ngozi Anigbogu as coordinator; Conrad Labeh as secretary; Onize Ohikere as assistant secretary; and Usman Marcus as Public relations Officer.


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