Written by Austine ELEMUE

AEPB to reintroduce monthly sanitation, sanitary inspectors

As part of efforts to ensure a clean city, the Federal Capital Territory Administration has said that it has set new agenda for the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, AEPB, for the reintroduction of monthly sanitation, and sanitary inspectors.

Board Chairman of Abuja Environmental Protection Board, Dr. Bawuro Yahaya, who revealed this while speaking to journalists in his office, explained that the move was to help maintain the cleanliness of the nation's capital, improve its environment and boost the overall well-being of the residents.

Yahaya also disclosed that other measures the board would put in place to support the AEPB management, along with relevant agencies include initiating market and abattoir sanitation, in order to sanitize these places for the good health of the residents.

“We do not want to see refuse dumped indiscriminately anywhere in the FCT. When the solid wastes are generated, we will sort them out into organic and non-organic and dispose them appropriately and in a very healthy manner," he affirmed.

The chairman added that the FCT Administration was determined to evolve a lasting solution to waste management, including engaging in separation of solid waste into organic and non-organic wastes so that organic waste could be used as manure, which he said was the best form of fertilizer.

Speaking on some of the responsibilities of the board, Yahaya stated that the board is responsible for general cleaning of the FCT, involving pollution control, environmental degradation control, as well as management of solid and liquid wastes, among others.

Commenting on the challenges of the board's responsibilities, he said: “Some recreation centres and night clubs within residential areas generate noise pollution. We want people to get the right decibres of noise and avoid polluting the environment and causing harm to others in their neighbourhoods.”

He therefore called on those who burn tyres in inappropriate places in Abuja to desist from such unhealthy practices, even as he revealed that they would be relocated to places suitable for that trade.

Underscoring the importance of awareness, the board chairman warned Abuja residents against blocking drainages with refuse, noting that many people did not know that such practice was responsible for most of the flooding.



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