Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH, Edrina EMMANUEL

Residents to FCTA: find alternatives to Church, Mosques demolition


Residents to FCTA: find alternatives to Church, Mosques demolition

Following threats by the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, AMMC, to remove Churches, Mosques, lounges and clubs from residential areas to curb the menace of noise pollution in the territory, some FCT residents who spoke to Ere-Ebi AGEDAH and Edrina EMMANUEL favour alternative solutions to the demolition of Churches and Mosques. Excerpts:



It’s a welcome development. I am sure the churches, mosques and night clubs will be given alternative locations. You will agree with me that noise from night clubs and worship centres within residential areas can be very discomforting.

After a hard day at work you are expected to return home and rest but a church close to your home decides to conduct vigil. It is actually very unfair and upsetting.

Like I said earlier, I urge the FCT administration to relocate the religious centres and night clubs to designated places far away from residential areas since night life cannot be taken away from some adults.

Government should ensure that any land purchased is used for its original purpose, whether residential or business.



The noise generated by places of worship, Churches and Mosques, in the FCT is alarming.  I am of the opinion that worship should be indoors and organised in a way that non-believers are considered.

Exercising your freedom of worship should not encroach on other people’s rights. So I am in support of the FCT Administration demolishing all illegal structures. I think a warning can equally be issued to churches that make noise and disturb the peace in residential areas to remove the outdoor speakers so that the noise remains within their premises.

As for the clubs and lounges, I think it will be convenient if we have a designated area or street carved out for them, while private residential builders are enlightened not to build their homes in such areas.


ANDY JOSHUA: The people in authority should rethink this decision. I am not against the night clubs being moved. But I am against churches and mosques being demolished.

Although it depends on the area and people complaining, I still feel something else can be done by the FCT administration apart from demolishing the worship centres.

Warning them to control noise pollution by soundproofing their worship Centres or simply reducing speaker volumes is better. But forcing them out is going to be a problem because of the structures they have already built. I think government should look for another solution to this matter.


THANKGOD EFFIAH: Demolishing worship places is unfair. In my own country I bought property and you want me to move? Automatically you will provide a new place for me and compensate me for my loss.

I can't take the building on my head to move to where ever you want me to. So for me, it's not good.

The best thing is to relocate them or look for another approach to this matter.



For me, the main issue is the night clubs. Right from time night clubs have been a noise threat to the residents.

When I lived at Karu, there was a night club very close to my house and every Friday night we weren't able to sleep because of the noise and the kind of people that come there. Night clubs attract a lot of bad people such as prostitutes and armed robbers.

It's not good for anyone to bring up his children in such an environment. When you wake up, you start seeing bottles and condoms. Just imagine your children seeing such. It’s not good at all.

For me, it's a nice move especially for the night clubs. But for the worship centres, I think the government should talk to them about reducing the noise. It won't be right to remove the churches and the mosques.



AMMC’s decision doesn't make sense to me because people play loud music in their homes and you don't ask them to move.

Yeah, the night clubs are a bad influence but will you say the churches and mosques are also a bad influence? No! AMMC should look for another means of tackling this issue because it is going to be a bigger problem if they demolish. People have the right to worship even in their homes, and that cannot be taken away from them.










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