Written by Godfrey AKON

SHORT STORY Don’t desire to walk when you have wings to fly

Once upon a time, there lived a generous and kind-hearted king. He was fond of birds and animals, and had a huge bird sanctuary in his kingdom. He disliked harming the animals and birds. He did not kill them even for meat.

In appreciation of his generosity and kindness towards birds, the king was gifted two beautiful falcons by a businessman. Those two falcons were used to different climatic conditions.

The king thanked the businessman and ordered the Head bird trainer to provide all the facilities to those beautiful falcons and make them feel comfortable in their country. The Head trainer took care of the birds. Gradually, the birds got adapted to the country’s climate.

One day, the king wanted to see the falcons fly as he had heard that one of those falcons could fly to great heights at very high speed. The bird trainer let the falcon out of the enclosure. It flew very high, very quickly, and came down to the enclosure within minutes.

The king was quite surprised, and rewarded the bird trainer with a handful of gold coins. He enquired about the other falcon. The bird trainer stated with regret that the other falcon had not moved even a step from day one and had just sat on the branch. The trainer also added that he had tried everything he could but still failed to make the bird move.

The king consoled him and told him that he would bring someone more experienced than him to try to train the other falcon.

Soon, the king announced that he needed someone to make the falcon move and fly.

Hearing this announcement, an old man reached the King’s palace and assured him that he would make the bird fly like the other one.

The king asked the head trainer to take the old man to the sanctuary to train the falcon. He said that he would visit them the next day to see if there was any change.

The next day, the king was very surprised to see the other falcon fly like the first one to great heights in rapid speed. The king was very happy and gifted the old man a handful of gold coins.

Then the king asked the old man what he had done to make the bird fly in a day. The old man simply replied, “I just cut down the branch of the tree where the falcon used to sit.”

Many of us are like this. We have wings to fly; we know how to fly, and where to fly. Still we sit doing nothing or doing something that makes us inferior to others.

Don’t sit still when you have wings to fly!


A plane took off from Accra and crashed between the borders of Nigeria and Benin Republic; where were the survivors buried?

What kind of table can you eat?

What has a bed but doesn't sleep and a mouth but doesn't eat?

 I fly without wings and cry without eyes; who am I?

What can fall from the tallest building and be fine but dies when dropped in water?

What is white and is read all over?


  1. Survivors are alive, you don't burry them 2. Vegetables 3. A river 4. Clouds 5. Paper 6. A newspaper



What to do in a fire

If you are in a room with the door closed when a fire breaks out, you need to take a few extra steps:

•Check to see if there's heat or smoke coming in the cracks around the door. (You're checking to see if there's fire on the other side.)

•If you see smoke coming under the door — don't open the door!

•If you don't see smoke — touch the door. If the door is hot or very warm — don't open the door!

•If you don't see smoke — and the door is not hot — then use your fingers to lightly touch the doorknob. If the doorknob is hot or very warm — don't open the door!

If the doorknob feels cool, and you can't see any smoke around the door, you can open the door very carefully and slowly. When you open the door, if you feel a burst of heat or smoke pours into the room, quickly shut the door and make sure it is really closed. If there's no smoke or heat when you open the door, go toward your escape route exit. Fromhttpkidshealth.org


1. Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the United Nations in 1993 is in which continent?

2.EFCC stands for?

3.The headquarters of the United Nations are situated in?

4.Which instrument is used to see objects at the surface of water from a submarine under water?

5.Fathometer is used to measure what?


1.Africa 2. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission 3. New York, USA 4. Periscope 5. Ocean Depth

Did you know?

  1. Did you know nearly all reptiles lay shelled eggs?
  2. Did you know sharks lay the biggest eggs in the world?
  3. Did you know insects such as bees, mosquitoes and cicadas make noise by rapidly moving their wings?
  4. Did you know Even when a snake has its eyes closed, it can still see through its eyelids?
  5. Did you know an average person breathes in around 11,000 litres of air every day?


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