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Social Circle : Unusual Empire: #BBNaija’s Alex launches YouTube Channel

Unusual Empire: #BBNaija’s Alex launches YouTube Channel

Alex Asogwa, 3rd Runner-up BBNaija `Double Wahala’’ known for her dancing and writing skills, has launched her YouTube channel “Alex Unusual Empire.’’

Alex, 22, who is determined to keep her fans entertained, has also released a teaser on the channel.

In the video, the ex-housemate and Television personality preaches positivity, saying: “Peace and positivity is my priority” “It is okay to be different… The sun is alone and it still shines. I stand for what I believe. Life is a journey and I choose not to rush mine.

“Everyone is special. The world has a lot of people but there is something unique about every single person. “I accept Alexandra Asogwa especially because she is unusual. There can never be another me.

"I’m building a house where the floor is made of strength, the walls crafted of ambition, the roof, a masterpiece of forgiveness. “I am building Alex Unusual Empire.”


Why no Afro-pop artistes can win a Grammy – De-Code

The recent statement by HipTV boss, Ayo Animashaun, that the Grammy Awards is not for Nigerians, has continue to generate reactions from different quarters.

Also reacting to the statement is Nigerian High-Life singer Kingsley

C. Egwu popularly known as De-Code.

According to De-Code, who spoke to with the press in Lagos, musicians winning the Grammies in Africa are musically not the mate of many of the young artistes clamouring for the awards in the country recently.

De-Code stated that the musicians who can dream of being nominated are the artistes whose music are more traditional and original.

“I just laugh at many Afro-pop artistes saying that they want to win the Grammy. Is it with the type of music many Nigerian artistes are singing now? I agree with Ayo Animashaun, Grammy is not for Nigerians. And I will explain further. First let me encourage all Nigerian artistes to sell their culture through music. You can’t sell ice to the Eskimos; the only thing we can genuinely own and sell which the outside world will easily buy is our uniqueness, rather than trying to be like them.

“Many reigning Nigerian artistes today still try to sound like Drake, Chris Brown or Migos. Winning an award like the Grammy is not even by hanging out with American stars, featuring them or they knowing you.It’s more about the unique thing you bring to the music table.

“You don’t expect the organizers to put an R&B artiste from Africa on the nominees categories with real Americans, not to talk of that artiste winning when too many brilliant artistes in America don’t have a nomination let alone win; just like you don’t expect Ayo Animashaun to add Drake and Beyonce to the Best Rap and Best R&B categories in the Headies Awards, respectively.

“Perhaps, it’s easy to be linked to the Grammy somehow if a foreign artiste features you and the song wins a Grammy, but we are talking about you owning one yourself”, De-Code explains.


Why I should be given accolades – Ali Baba

Comedian Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, who is more popularly known as Ali Baba has said people should give him accolades as he has paid his dues.

Dismissing the issue of some people saying he does not have an idea what they are passing through, he wrote. “These days, no one wants to know I was thrown out of 1004, just after Network News and went from there to live at the bar beach for nearly a year. Or squatted in YabaTech for 1 semester. Or with Uncle Philip Efoguah, for nearly 2 Christmas.

“And trekked from NTA Ahmadu Bello Way to Palmgrove depending… Or squatted with the present DG of VON, Osita, for nearly a year, or with Abigail and Dr Pama in Ketu for some time, Or that I came to Lagos in 1990 with just a suitcase of books and 2 pairs of jeans and 2 brogues.

“With 2 shirts, 3 polo tshirts and 2 coats. Or that the only hope to survival then was God and @giantajaloko… Naaaaa… all people see now is Ali Baba is flaunting. Na your flaunting? Did you also say “chai Ali Baba has suffered” noooooo, because the story you know is the good times one. So you think that’s all it is.”

On his meal method back then, “I laugh when some people come on my timeline and say, I talk because I don’t know what people are going through. You see that 0-1-0 code, or 0-0-1, or 0-0-0, 0-0-1, was a routine.

“Meanwhile it was not Ramadan. Let’s not compare notes. I’m a Notary Public when it comes to hard knocks. So when you see me now give me some accolades”.







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