Written by Edrina EMMANUEL

NCWS proposes 50 years jail term for rape


The National Council for Women Societies, NCWS, has proposed a 50-year jail term for rapist with no option of fine. 

President of NCWS, Mrs Gloria Shoda, told journalists in Abuja that the increase in rape was as a result of the increase in the proliferation of drugs in the country. 

According to her, "anyone involved in rape should be jailed without option of fine, the person should go to jail straight when they are caught". 

She further stressed, "I believe that it is the increase in the use of drugs that have brought this problem. Drug addiction has become a big problem in Nigeria. It is not only men, women, youth and even the children in the primary school take drugs now. 

"When they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they are not with their senses so the behave like animals". 

Shoda also attributed the increase in rape to the level of poverty in the country, adding that people take cheap alcohol to get high and forget their misery and the result are what Nigerians are seeing. 

She called on government at all levels to review the policies on ground that has to do with rape to ensure stiffer penalties, arguing that this was necessary since even the law enforcement agencies are also guilty of rape. 

"The police are not helping matters because when they take cases of rape to the police, they end up granting bail to the rapist the next day. This means that they are encouraging them in this act", she affirmed. 

According to her, "We are calling on all Nigerians to safe the girl child. The law enforcement agencies are not even doing anything; the Civil Defence are supposed to be taking care of everything that is civil and they are supposed to complement the police in this case".     



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