Written by Austine ELEMUE

Ezeife declares for JMPP in Abuja

A former Governor of old Anambra, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has declared for the Justice Must Prevail Party, JMPP, and announced as the chairman, Board of Trustees.

In its maiden press briefing in Abuja at its secretariat in Area 10, Abuja, Ezeife said though he had retired from active politics but had to return as BoT chairman of JMPP “because where this country is today, we need to return to God for solution.”

Ezeife, who took off his shoes and cap and took the oath using the 12 pillars of the party, said the JMPP was divinely founded by God’s revelation.

Speaking earlier, chairman of the party, Amb. Olusegun Ijagbemi, said the party started in 2010 in Kaoje village in Kebbi State and registered by INEC in 2017. 

The party chairman said that Nigerians have lost confidence in the existing political parties and have become apathetic to the electoral system, but that the JMPP was here to give confidence to the Nigerian electorate. 

He said the party would give 10 percent of national income to be distributed monthly to the less privileged, adding that the party would fight corruption in a non-political manner as the oath taking before assuming office would naturally eliminate corrupt activities since defaulters would have death repercussion. 

"JMPP is not a party of promises. JMPP’s social contract with Nigerians is based on covenant. Politicians promise produce politicians who have no respect for true God but engage in all manner of evils. Political covenant produce leaders, who by righteous deadly oaths, connect themselves to the true God and therefore holds themselves out as eternal collaterals for the betterment of Nigeria and Nigerians,”

In her contribution, Sarah Jibril said the JMPP was here to rescue Nigeria and promote peaceful co-existence, adding that the party would guarantee righteous governance and religious tolerance.



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