Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

Hair products are eating up our women - Enwezor

Founder, Africa Hair Summit, Mrs Adanna Enwezor, has disclosed that a lot of toxic chemicals are inherent in most African hair and beauty products which are gradually eating up a lot of women in our society.

Many African women even Nigerians are known to use relaxes on their hair to straighten and soften out their hair but this relaxes contain a lot of chemicals that are linked to health issues like cancer and Fibroid.

While speaking with our correspondent, Enwezor stated that the African hair is cheaper and healthier to maintain because constant use of relaxes on the hair of adult which is also used on children can lead to breakages and even life threatening illnesses.

‘‘What most women do not know is that natural hair has kinky curls, they have kinky curls, it’s easier to maintain and I haven’t been to a salon for over two years, I am saving money at the same time staying healthy.

‘‘There are a lot of natural hair products that enhance and smoothen the hair curls, you can use them and it will make you look really nice,’’ she said.

Lamenting on children who have already been exposed to hair products, she urged parents and caregivers to put a stop to relaxers because the scalp of children are tenderer than adults which can also be damaged within a very short period, adding that children should be allowed to enjoy the natural hair styles because it is safer and healthier.

She explained that using relaxers appear to be the easy way out but it’s not because in the long term it will cause unimaginable damage.

The African hair summit is a brand initiative of Photizo Life Foundation, an organization committed to ensuring the mental and social well-being of its members.



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