The Eagle and the Hen

The Eagle and the Hen

Once upon a time, the eagle was flying aimlessly across the sky when he suddenly saw a beautiful red headed creature walking on the ground. It was the hen, who was looking lovelier that day. 

The eagle came near the hen and said, "My pretty hen, I love you very much. Will you be my mate?" 

The hen was scared for the eagle was so strong. Her husband, the cock had gone out to search for food and her kids had gone away somewhere to play with other children. She lived alone. 

Quickly thinking up a way to avoid any quarrel, the hen answered: "I am willing, but let me first grow wings like yours, so I can fly as high as you." 

The eagle replied: "I will bring nice feathers for you, and as a sign of our betrothal I will give you this ring. Keep it safely. Tie it around your neck until I return." 

The hen promised to do so, and the eagle flew away. 

When the cock met the hen the next day, he was very much surprised and annoyed to see the ring around her neck. He said: "Where did you get that ring? I don’t think you love me anymore. You promised to be my mate just a few days ago. If you still want to keep your promise, throw that ring away immediately." 

The hen did this and the cock regained his cheerfulness. 

But as the week came to an end, the eagle came back with beautiful feathers to dress the hen. The frightened hen hid herself behind her door but the eagle soon found her out and was about gift the beautiful dress to her when he suddenly gave a cry and said: 

"But where is the ring that I gave you? Why are you not wearing it?" 

The hen was too scared to answer but at last she said, 

"Forgive me! I lost it yesterday. I was walking in the garden when I met a large snake. I was so frightened that I ran back fast. But when I came back, I saw towards the house. When I reached it I found that I had lost the ring, and I looked everywhere for it; but alas! I have not yet found it." 

The eagle looked keenly at the hen and said: "I don’t believe one word of what you have said. You have hurt me badly and have been unfaithful towards me for that cock. I will punish you for this. If you marry him, I will snatch away all your chickens from you. I promise to forgive you and accept you as my mate only if you find my ring. Good-bye." 

With these words the eagle flew away. 

And ever since, all the hens all over the world have been scratching the ground to find the eagle’s ring. From



Did you know sound travels 4 times faster in water than it does through air?

Did you know light from the sun can reach a depth of 80 metres in the ocean?

Did you know sweet potatoes are root vegetables and are not closely related to the potato?

Did you know on average an ear of corn has 800 kernels in 16 rows?

Did you know as of 2010, Brazil grows one third of all the world’s oranges?



What travels around the world but stays in a corner of a house?

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in one thousand years?

If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?

What can you catch but not throw?

What is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?


1. A stamp 2. The letter ’M’ 3. A secret 4. Cold 5. Silence 


What to do when stung by a fire ant

If you ever think that you have been stung by a fire ant, tell an adult immediately. That’s because the venom (poison) in the fire ants’ stings can cause the area of the sting to swell up quite a bit, and a doctor may want to have a look to make sure you are not having an allergic reaction.


The symptoms of an allergic reaction include hives (red patches on the skin that sting and itch), nausea, dizziness, a tight feeling in the throat, or difficulty breathing. If these symptoms occur, the person needs to get medical attention right away.


But more often, you can follow these steps after a fire ant sting:


• Wash the area with soap and water.

• Apply some ice to the area.

• Check with the doctor if you have redness, swelling, or itching.


How to Avoid Getting Bitten

The best way to avoid getting bitten by fire ants is to keep your shoes on when playing near fire ant mounds. If you come across one, don’t ever poke at it or try to play with it. From www.kidshealth. 




What is the official language of Nigeria?

What are the three major indigenous languages in Nigeria?

What are the three exogenous languages in Nigeria?

Who designed the Nigerian flag?

What was the former name of Ghana before 1959?




1. English language 2. Hausa Yoruba and Igbo 3. English, French and Arabic 4. Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi  5. Gold Coast




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