Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

…And Nwobodo finds safe harbour

Jim Nwobodo, a former governor of old Anambra state must have heeded Suzanne Collins when he jumped ship last week and found safe harbour in the ruling All Progressives Congress regime.

Collins in Catching Fire had stated, “That if desperate times call for desperate measures, then I'm free to act as desperately as I wish.” Indeed, these are desperate times to be in the opposition, not just any opposition party, but the PDP.

After having ruled for 16 years and suddenly found itself on the other side, the party’s chieftains are faced with a brutal clampdown by the present government and the best way out is to act desperately and become a saint through the APC baptismal.

Nwobodo at his decamping declaration was quoted as saying: “I must condemn our former party, PDP – I know we had problems. I told our former chairman, how come did we allow five governors to leave the party? I am not looking for a job, I am talking because I want peace. I want our people to be part of the Federal Government at the centre. I had a problem being an opposition governor. I am not coming into APC because I want anything.”

For a man fingered in having collected N500million to be accepted without integrity checks by the APC tells that Nwobodo did not speak amiss when he crowed that he wants ‘peace.’

Who will blame him when it is clearly obvious that his once fellow party comrades are not finding peace as they enjoy their season of political winter locked up in detention centers across the country.


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