Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

Charly Boy writes God over Buhari’s re-election bid

Few days after writing an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari urging him to face the National Assembly in his fight against corruption, maverick musician and activist, Charly Boy, has penned another letter. This time he wrote to God Almighty!

In the letter he posted on his Instagram page, Charly Boy urged God not to allow Nigerians to repeat the mistake they made in 2015, when they massively voted for the incumbent administration.

According to the Area Fada, as he’s popularly called by fans, ‘God allowed President Buhari to win in 2015, because He wanted to teach Nigerians a lesson.”

The letter reads; Dear God, You allowed Buhari to win in 2015 just to teach us a lesson. I swear father Lord, we have learnt the lesson. Please don’t let us repeat the class,” he wrote.

Also frowning at those who praised President Buhari for trekking about 800 metres from the Eid praying ground in Daura to his private residence, Charly Boy wrote, “Oga President is not being praised for creating jobs or getting suffering Nigerians out of poverty. He’s being praised for trekking two poles. Make e dey look like sey em strong, abi? Abegi”



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