Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Ochanya Ogbanje’s tale

My keyboard is stiff, the keys get stuck echoing the turbulence in my heart. Today, I hear you have bade the earth your final goodbye though your spirit remains restless by the violations you endured.






Ochanya, I come to say, ‘forgive us, for waiting too late to know of the pillaging you suffered from the knave of a knight ruled by the beast of his loins.’

Ochanya, you were but a child forced into the hedonism of a dark knight and his scion in the darkest hours when sane men slept.

I wonder what tale you take to the ether. Will those there see you all bloodied and disfigured by the unkind thrust of a deathly knight and his wanton heir?

Will you tell them, that your aunt left you at the mercy of the devil’s agent she is married to? Will you narrate of the first piercing scream of your cousin’s first unkind cut?

Oh Ochanya, your tale is like those of Offred of the Handmaid’s Tale denuded of all honour, all innocence and your sexual Golgotha.

I wish you were indeed OGBANJE, the spirit child, to torment those who have cut you down in your teen and stolen of your prime.

Then they would have known hell’s torment before their hours of death.

But because you are no mean spirited soul, I wish to tell you there is an army you have raised seeking, crying and demanding that your passing will herald a new beginning where those who tap raw sap from budding pods are stung to death.

Little One, I beseech you, find rest, find peace, let your spirit not roam the earth for even as God is merciful, so is He the judge of all and in this matter, he will bring your tormentors to judgment.

Goodbye Ochanya Ogbanje!


Now Okorocha sees ‘Iberiberism’

When Governor Rochas Okorocha was propounding his Theory of Iberiberism, he was unaware of the inherent irony.

Perhaps, if he knew that he was going to be the fall guy in a theory that bothers absurdity, he would have kept the theorem to himself.

Last week, it seems that the cure for his eccentricities was finally found when the equally rascally Adams Oshiomhole, national chairman of their party, All Progressives Congress, hit the gavel that the attempt by Okorocha to foist a dynasty in Imo state was untenable, therefore, not sanctioned.

For weeks prior to the knell that has left the governor near-raving mad, Okorocha was everywhere but Owerri to make the point while his anointed son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, should succeed him.

As Rochas was about time, holding one press conference or meetings, the whole of society was having a good laugh that the king was "howl naked at the moon."

If anything, the governor reminds one of Justin II of Byzantine who heard voices and bit people on the head.

Justin II was a sixth century emperor of Byzantine, remembered mainly as a kind of shitty leader who wound up losing most of Italy to Persia, just like Okorocha is about losing his fantasy dynasty.

Owing to the voices he hears, Justin’s servants had to come up with many tricks to calm him down.

As John of Ephesus puts it, "... having placed him on it, his chamberlains drew him about, and ran with him backwards and forwards for a long time, while he, in delight and admiration at their speed, desisted from many of his absurdities."

The problem is that Okorocha unlike Justin seems far from any remedy as those who should sing him soothing lullabies are given to brutal reality.


For Gen. Alkali, peace at last

The Scottish author and playwright, Sir Walter Scott, was he who wrote:

"Soldier, rest! thy warfare o'er,

Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking;

Dream of battled fields no more,

Days of danger, nights of waking."

Indeed, as the body of late Maj.-Gen. Idris Alkali, which was found by a team of Nigerian Army on Search and Rescue Operation, embraced the earth at the Gudu Cemetery in Abuja on Saturday, Scott echoed silently but deep.

Alkali, a victim in the cross hairs of ethnic and religious zealotry that has gripped the Plateau, becomes an archetype that even those who have given their lives to keep Nigeria are no less preys.

When he went missing on September 3, 2018 few weeks after retirement, there was little doubt amongst those who should know that it was no happenstance.

As the army threw in all their expertise, it was only a matter of time that the gruesome truth began to unravel, telling a chilling story of the fate of many a Nigerian that had gone missing in the seeming serene communities of Dura, Doi, Dwei, Latya, Lo-Pamdyet all in Plateau state.

While one is comforted that closure has been brought to his family and the army, it raises questions as to the thousands, perhaps, millions of other Nigerians that go missing in different parts of the country.

If Alkali’s killers could be found in about 2 months, then his death should signpost a turn around that others that have gone missing in similar circumstances are found and their killers brought to justice.


















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