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A wealthy businessman was worried about his son’s bad habits. He sought counsel from a wise, old man. The old man met the man’s son and took him out for a stroll. They walked into the woods, and the old man showed the boy a small sapling and asked him to pull it out. The boy did so with ease, and they walked on.




The old man then asked the boy to pull out a small plant. The boy did that too, with a little effort. As they walked, the old man asked the boy to pull out the bush, which he did. The next was a small tree, which the child had to struggle a lot to pull out. Finally, the old man showed him a bigger tree and asked the child to pull it out.

The child failed to pull it out even after trying several times, in different ways. The old man looks at the boy, smiles and says, “So is the case with habits, good or bad”.

Moral: Bad habits are hard to get rid of once they have settled in our system. It is best to get rid of them early on.

The wet pants

A nine-year-old boy was sitting at his desk in class, when suddenly, his pants felt wet, and there was a puddle at his feet. His heart almost skipped a beat, as he got worried that his classmates would see that and make fun of him.

He quickly wanted to do something, and saw the teacher and his classmate Susie walking towards him. Susie was carrying a bowl of goldfish. As they came closer, the boy thought that the teacher noticed his wet pants, and suddenly Susie trips and drops the fishbowl in his lap. While thanking God for helping him, he pretends to get angry with Susie and yells at her.

Everyone in the class thinks it is Susie’s fault that the boy’s pants got wet. The teacher helps the boy change into dry clothes, and the class continues. Later that evening, the boy asks Susie, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” “I wet my pants once too”, whispers Susie.

Moral: Each one of us goes through good days and bad days. Only those who help you out on your bad days are your true friends.


Did you know the Olympic flag's colors are always red, black, blue, green, and yellow rings on a field of white; because at least one of those colors appears on the flag of every nation on the planet?

Did you know in Calama, a town in the Atacama Desert of Chile, it has never rained?

Did you know in space, astronauts cannot cry because there is no gravity and tears can't flow?

Did you know a category three hurricane releases more energy in ten minutes that all the world's nuclear weapons combined?

Did you know there is enough fuel in full jumbo jet tank to drive an average car four times around the world?



I have cities but no houses, mountains but no trees, and water but no fish. What am I?

What has hundreds of ears but can’t hear?

Where can you find success before work?

What runs without legs, you need it but it doesn't need you?

What has 13 hearts but no other organs?

What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat and 2/4 goat?


1. A map 2. A corn field 3. In the dictionary 4. Water 5. A pack of playing cards 6. Chicago


1. What is the capital of Kwara State?

2. Where is Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University?

3. Which state is former President Goodluck Jonathan from?

4. In which state is the Ajaokuta steel company located?

5. Lokoja is to Kogi state what Jos is to?


1. Illorin 2. Bauchi State 3. Bayelsa 4. Kogi 5. Plateau State


Rash Prevention

Prevention is also the name of the game when it comes to other kinds of rashes:

·         If a poison plant is your problem, learn what the plant looks like and avoid it. It also may help to wear long sleeves and pants when you're camping or hiking in the woods.

·         If bugs bug you, have a parent help you apply some insect repellent when you'll be going outside.

·         For allergic dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis, try to avoid that substance. If you are allergic to nickel, wear only nickel-free jewelry. Or if you discover that bubble bath bothers your skin, don't use it.

·         With eczema, stay away from harsh soaps that might dry out your skin. Also, make an effort to moisturize your skin with creams or ointments. Short, cool showers are a good idea, too, because hot showers and baths can further dry out your skin.

·         When it comes to sun, you should always wear sunscreen to avoid a red and itchy sunburn.

Being a kid means getting a few rashes. But now you know what to do if you get that awful itchy feeling














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