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Nollywood all about gossip, envy, says Iyabo Ojo




Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood filmmaker has urged her fans not to be fooled by the make-belief friendship exhibited in the industry, saying it was all about gossip, envy, backstabbing and backbiting.

In a post on her Instagram page, she wrote: “We never truly support our own; we’re just friends when it suits.

“How well we’re perfect deceiving our fans that is why we are actors.

“Can I just hint y’all that we are just colleagues in some competition that no one understands, unfortunately not only two can play the game but hundreds can play the role.

“Oh yes, we get along with some, yet we are mindful of our utterances because all they want to know is you, then we act for the Instagram where we seek validation for our not so real relationships.

“Problems starts when you refuse to let them into your business, you become a rival and a threat, they start rewriting the script and when they’re done destroying you, they move to the next gullible victim.’’

Ojo, who said the post was straight from the heart, said the motivational writers in the industry change the script every second to suit them.

“Don’t be fooled, watch, learn, get entertained and move on. “We are all acting; 20 years of entertainment, different roles, same game. “Trust me when I say, the game is not for a learner; you gotta to be rooted. It’s unexplainable,’’ she said.


Actor Emeka Ike joins race for House of Rep

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has commenced his campaign to contest for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Ike, 51 made the announcement on his Instagram page and shared pictures from his campaign.

The actor, who is from Imo state said he would be flying the flag of the Young Progressive Party, YPP, to represent Ideato South Federal Constituency at the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly.

“Campaign up, YPP, youth and masses friendly party. Let’s go fellow masses; YPP is changing the grassroots narrative. Youths, it’s our time,” he wrote.

“Real leaders should step out to the centre stage. Let’s sample the stuff u are made of. Not merely sharing money with no content, “he said.

Ike, who won the debut edition of the Celebrity Gulder Ultimate Search, lost the Actors Guild Association of Nigeria, AGN.

Ike had been contending with Ibinabo Fibresima for AGN leadership and the duo reached a peace agreement at the 2017 Peace and Reconciliation Conference held in Enugu. He began contending for AGN leadership in 2005 after Ejike Asiegbu’s tenure as President.


I’m not married to Davido, second baby mama cries out

Following controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo’s claim that pop music star, Davido, secretly wedded his second babymama, Amanda in Atlanta earlier in the year, the Atlanta based beauty expert has finally broken silence on the scandal which has since gone viral.

According to Amanda who has been radio silent on the matter, while Kemi Olunloyo’s allegations are fake because she is neither married to Davido nor any other man at all, she needs to find herself a better hobby than tarnishing innocent people’s images.

“Please stop tagging me in fake news, I’m not married. Some people need to find another hobby and don’t come disturb my peace, ok bye”, she said.

But Kemi Olunloye insists that Amanda’s cousin confirmed to her that because she could not be found guilty of being a baby mama like Sophie Momodu.

Amanda had compelled Davido to get married to her which he consented to without the knowledge of his girlfriend, Chioma, who he had lied to, that her visa was denied which was why she couldn’t travel with him to Atlanta during that period.

Recall that Olunloyo had also reported that the celebrated romance between Davido and Chioma had come to an end over infidelity issues, a rumour both parties have since dismissed as mere envy.


Singer, Mo’Cheddah, reveals depression struggles

Singer, rapper and fashion designer, Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, aka Mo’Cheddah, 28, has revealed how she battled depression due to the hostility and hate she experienced in the music industry.

Mo Cheddah while speaking also gave further details on why she abruptly left the music industry, her suicide battles.

According to reports, Mo’Cheddah broke into the music scene at 16 years with a feature on ‘Won Beri’ and had to take a break from the industry in 2015.

“I was coming from a naive, God-fearing family and I went into the world of adults and I was thrown into a jungle and people did not care if I was 16, they attacked me.

“The industry was hostile. I would be performing and they would turn off my microphone because the A-list artist doesn’t like me.

“There was one day I looked at my Mum and told her ‘you taught me everything about love but you did not teach me to hate’.

“I don’t know why she did not, but the truth is there is hate in the world, so I went into the industry thinking everybody loved everybody. I didn’t understand that hate,” Mo’Cheddah said.

Mo’Cheddah also stated that she did not fully understood why people did not want to hear her side of the story when she left Knighthouse records.

“People started asking why I won the award, people starting questioning me and carrying stories around me. “What broke me was that when I left my label. People chose to pick sides and obviously it wasn’t mine. “I felt as if I had failed, especially because I had thought that business will pick up. They had so much hate for me.

“They started bad-mouthing me to people, to companies, to producers, so I was kind of blacklisted.

“They wanted to do everything in their power to ruin me and I felt God forsook me, sadness consumed me,” Mo’Cheddah said.

She further revealed that it was at that point that she became very depressed and contemplated suicide.

Mo’Cheddah said, “I Google ‘there is this darkness inside me’ and I saw a lot of people had it, they were talking about depression.

“The only reason I did not kill myself, first, I didn’t know how I will kill myself. I thought about it so many times.

“I thought of drowning myself in third Mainland Bridge, at times I wanted it to be quick, so I will be praying that God should just kill me.

“All I had to do was understand that as long as I was at peace with this person, every other thing will be OK. I live to be happy,” she said.



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