Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Onnoghen’s cross

“The fear of me not exhibiting the uncommon courage that had earlier been exhibited; I assure you that I remain whom I have been on the bench right from the beginning and I intend to end that way by the special grace of God,” Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen said on his confirmation by the Senate on March 1, 2017.

Barely two years into a mandate that runs till 2020, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, is in want of that ‘uncommon courage’ which should see him end well.

Having weathered the storm of confirmation, one will think that the CJN will have some respite.

But the fates of those in the executive think otherwise and last Saturday, they bared their fangs accusing CJN of assets’ declaration breach.

According to the six charges instituted by the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Onnoghen failed to declare some accounts, domiciliary, with a bank in the country, therefore, should face trial and possibly resign.

Since the matter broke, the country has been thrown into a frenzy with people, groups taking different stance depending on their ethnic, religious and political persuasions.

There are those who have argued that as a lawyer at the apex court, the CJN should have known better not to forget updating his assets’ declaration form.

There are others, yet, who state that it is sheer political witch hunt as anybody could forget while stressing that the speed at which the charges were drawn and date set for trial connotes pure mischief.

Whatever position one takes, there is little doubt that the CJN will have been shaken not for being guilty, rather that his traducers have never slept even after his Tsunamic travails in getting confirmed and bent on eviscerating his long service to country.

However the case turns out to be, it will strengthen the nation’s jurisprudence and will no doubt throw ‘potopoto’ on some peoples’ faces.


For Dino, an unending travail?

Not too long ago, he was the poster boy of the All Progressives Congress, APC, but now, he is hunted and haunted by the police and his own failings to have read the auguries well.

He is Senator Dino Melaye, the Kogi-born lawmaker, that has become forbidden meat to the party he helped to power.

Post-2015 general elections, it was unimaginable for the APC to hold its presidential rally without somebody asking; ‘where is Dino?’

But like in all things feeble and hastily cobbled together, it was not long for the relationship between the APC and Dino to give way like a pack of cards.

The senator had taken sides with Senate President Bukola Saraki, and this was Russian roulette without his knowing.

Despite his having an impressive record at the senate as the most active in the 8th Senate and perhaps since the return of democracy, they are those who only look at Dino’s showboating, and this seems to be his albatross.

If he is not being accused of booing the president, even when he is was not in chambers at the budget presentation, he is accused of been an accessory to murder of a policeman.

If Dino were a commoner, one will say it is the fate of the common man in Nigeria, but for a senator to have been so dragged around and kept in the open for two consecutive days, tells how much water has passed under Nigeria’s pseudo-democracy.

The question remains; for how much long will this frightening orchestra play for Dino? Only time, as they say, will tell.


A ‘prince’ called MC Oluomo

Gary ‘Gunz’ Govich in his very revealing book, “Career Criminal: My Life in the Russian Mob Until the Day I Died” aptly states: “Crime was my career. I considered myself a craftsman | a true professional. Everybody has a craft they practice. Clean or dirty, safe or dangerous, we all have a viable skill and a part to play in the enigma that comprises our world. A professional is a person who earns moneys for practicing their craft. Having labored many years and becoming experienced in a particular skill, you learn the gradations and eventually reach the title of master.”

This is the story, no doubt, of many a thug, political ones, in Nigeria.

Thugs have, unfortunately, become a “necessary evil” in Nigerian politics. They are the ones that do the dirty work during campaigns, and serve as the perfect foil to intimidate opponents and their supporters.

However, it usually does not go according to plan as oftentimes, things go very wrong and turn violent, and sometimes deadly like the APC found out in Lagos where three people lost their lives, journalists injured, and one of the ‘High Princes’ badly stabbed.

It is a bit of fate that the Capi of the foot soldiers of the APC in Lagos Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly called MC Oluomo, is getting well and did not die from a stab in the neck.

I do not know MC Oluomo’s educational background but as an official of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Oshodi, Lagos State, he rubs shoulders with the political elite, at least, those in power.

But even if he is not properly schooled, he knows the value of education as his three kids are ensconced in faraway United States.

It will do well, when he gets back on his feet fully, to ask them to read Gunz’s book to him.

In the end, thugs are expendable!



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