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Why Blackface attacks – 2Baba

Popular Nigerian artiste, 2Baba, has given graphic details of what transpired between him and his former friend and band mate, Blackface, revealing that the latter started attacking him after he made known his intention to go solo to all the members of the defunct musical group, Plantashun Boiz.






2 Baba formerly known as Tuface made this revelation recently.

The “African Queen” crooner said he never attacked Blackface openly despite all the negative things he has said about him.

He lamented what he calls the continued desire of his former band mate to rubbish his hard earned name by accusing him of stealing his song.

While trying to put the record straight, Tuface denied stealing any song from Blackface. According to him, two of them wrote “African Queen’ and “Let somebody love you” together.

He wondered why Blackface has continued to accuse him of stealing his song despite the legal action against him. Tracing the genesis of their feud,

Tuface said: “I have had series of meetings with concerned people. Blackface started attacking me right from when I decided to go solo. I tried as much as possible to give credit to anybody that contributed to any of my songs.

“I have never hidden anything away from Blackface. Both of us have worked together for years before I decided to go solo. And before I went solo, I practically informed every member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz.

“So, there has never been a case of I stole or I used something that I was not supposed to use. And every time, he comes up with this accusation, the question has always been which of the songs did I steal from you?

“There has never been any proof that I have stolen a song from him. But he always said this at my back or whenever he’s granting an interview to the press. That’s why I said Blackface is the one who’s in the best position to answer that question. I don’t know what Blackface’s problem is right now.”

Narrating further, Tuface said “It has always been on record that “African Queen’ and “Let somebody love you” was written by myself and Blackface. These were the only two songs that I used and I mentioned it from the outset. It was Blackface that asked me if I wasn’t going to include “African Queen” in my first album. So, there was never a case of I stole his song. Both of us have the right to use the song.”


I’m not after Femi Otedola’s wealth - Mr. Eaz

Since Mr. Eazi went public about his romance with Temi Otedola, daughter of billionaire oil mogul, Femi Otedola, there have been speculations that the ‘Leg Over’ hit maker may be eying her father’s wealth, a reason he regularly flaunts her on social media.

However, in a chat, the singer who has since kept mum on the matter rubbished claims that he flaunts his girlfriend, Temi, on social media because she is the daughter of a billionaire.

 “I feel like at the end of the day what comes out of me is in me. You know people can say what they want to say. If you put your ears down and react to what they say, you won’t live, especially when you are in the limelight.

“You have to realize that your life is now entertainment for people. I don’t care about what people think.  If your self-esteem is based on how much is in your bank account then you have a very serious self-esteem issue.

“So my mind, myself-worth has nothing to do with my account. I have had experiences of ups and downs so if my self-worth was based on material things I would have killed my self”, he said.


My song, ‘Talk’ wasn’t meant to spite MURIC — Falz

Following the release of Falz’s fourth studio album titled ‘Moral Instruction’, many have continued to question the lyrics and morals of ‘Talk’, one of the songs off the album, saying he recorded it to spite Nigerian-based human rights organization, Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC.

However, in a chat, the lawyer-turned rapper stated that contrary to public belief, he just wanted to portray a serious situation in a light manner.

“I didn’t spite anybody, I just said ‘Brother Muri finished shouting but we did not see him in court’. So whoever wants to catch it should catch it. I only said ‘Muri’ and that could refer to anybody.

‘Talk’ is a song that contains a lot of serious messages that is delivered in a very light manner, and that was what I was trying to achieve”, he said.

Speaking further, he rubbished speculations that he may be nursing a political ambition like some of his colleagues, which is why he has been condemning bad governance in his songs and videos,” he stated.


The day Osinbajo looked at me strangely – Olu Maintain

Weeks ago, popular singer, Olu Maintain, was pictured and even videoed discussing with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo; and this made some Nigerians curious. In a recent interview with the singer, he disclosed some of the things he was discussing with the VP.

He said he told the vice president the reasons why the current administration was unpopular among Nigerians. “When I met with the Vice President last year, I told him specifically that one of the reasons their government was unpopular was because they had put anti-corruption at the forefront of their agenda. I told him that you cannot position yourself as a single-policy government. President Buhari is not the minister for corruption, instead he is the President of the nation, so education, finance, power, among other things, must be put in place and people have to see a measurable reflection of growth in the country, which has not been the case.

“Their excuse might be that the situation has degenerated to a level whereby before they can enact any form of policy, they have to clean the house but nobody said that it was going to be easy for them to fulfil the promises that they made during their campaign. When I was talking to the Vice President, he was looking at me strangely and said that we should have more of this kind of discussion often. I was just telling him about the way I felt,” he said.
















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