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SHORT STORY A city rat and a village rat








Once upon a time, there were two rats who were good friends. One lived in a city and the other lived in a village. Both exchanged news of their wellbeing through other rats travelling between the two places.

One day, the city rat wished to meet his village friend and sent a message through some rats of the village. His village friend was very excited about his friend’s visit. He made preparations to welcome him and went to the border of the village wearing a traditional dress. However, his city friend was wearing a suit, boots and a neck tie. They hugged each other and exchanged greetings.

The village rat welcomed him and said, "We have fresh and unpolluted air here. The atmosphere in the city is impure.” They discussed and exchanged views on different topics and sat down to eat. The village rat served him fruits and boiled wheat grains.

After eating, they went for a walk outside the village. The fields looked green and the natural beauty of the jungle had its own attraction. The village rat said, "Does the city have such beautiful scenes?" The city rat said nothing but invited the village rat to come to the city at least once to see the comfortable life of the city. The village rat said he would certainly come to the city one day. The city rat said, "Why don’t you accompany me now?" The village rat replied, "all right, I will consider your proposal."

When the night fell, they came back and slept on the soft grass. Next day, for breakfast the village rat served his friend fresh fruits and cereals. The city rat was irritated and said to the village rat, "Let us go to the city right now. Give me a chance to serve you."

The village rat accepted and got ready for the journey to the city. The city rat lived in a big house. At night the village rat was surprised to see the dining table full of different types of dishes. The village rat has not seen such a variety of food before. The city rat asked the village rat to enjoy the meal. Then he started eating. The village rat had a liking for the paneer and finished the piece quickly. At this moment, they heard the voice of a cat.

The city rat said, "Quickly hide yourself, otherwise the cat will eat us." Both rushed and hid themselves. After some time, when the cat went away, both came out. The village rat was still trembling. The city rat again started eating the dishes and advised his friend too, "Do not be afraid. It is a part of the city life."

The village rat gathered courage and went to the dining table again. This time he quickly finished the cake of his choice. At this juncture, a boy came there with a dog. The village rat being afraid of the dog asked his friend, "Who is this fellow?" The city rat said, "He is Jimmi, the son of the master of this house and the dog is his pet. Be quick and hide yourself there." After their departure, both rats came out. The village rat was very afraid.

He said, "Friend, I think I should go back now. I am thankful to you for the tasty dishes, but there are too many dangers. Thanks again." And he started off for the village. On reaching, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Oh! Life is precious and above all wisdom." Fromwww.kidsgen.com.




1.What goes through towns and over hills but never moves?

2.What kind of room has no doors or windows?

3.How many of each species did Moses take on the ark with him?

4.What has Eighty-eight keys but can’t open a single door?

5.A boy who was just learning how to drive went down a one-way street in the wrong direction, but didn't break the law. How come?

6.What root does the mathematical plant have?


1.Roads 2. Mushroom 3. None, Moses wasn't on the ark Noah was 4. A piano 5. He just took a walk 5. Square root

Kid of the Week

Name: Tagya Nimrod Agbo

Age: 7 years

School: Gigatt International School, Gwarimpa

Ambition: To be a Lawyer

Did you know?

Did you know an average person will spend 25 years asleep?

Did you know there are more bacteria in human body than there are cells?

Did you know the average porcupine has 30,000 spikes?

Did you know the average person swallows 295 times during a meal?

Did you know an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?



1.What is the agency that regulates universities in Nigeria?

2.What does the acronym FEC mean?

3.What system of education is approved by our national policy of education?

4.The average university student spends how many years in school?

5.What compulsory service does every graduate of tertiary institution render to the nation?


1.National Universities Commission, NUC 2. Federal Executive Council 3. 6-3-3-4 system of education 4. Four years 5. The National Youth Service

Kids and Health

What Is Sibling Rivalry?

A little competition isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it can keep you working hard — like when you and your brother spend time shooting hoops. If he's good at it, it may make you want to improve, too. But some sibling rivalry involves arguing, like when you think your brother is hogging the ball. People who love each other might argue sometimes, but too much fighting is unpleasant for everyone.

Have you ever heard of the green-eyed monster called jealousy? Sometimes brothers and sisters are jealous of one another. For instance, if your sister always does well at school, it may be frustrating for you, especially if your grades are lower.

Although you're probably proud of your sibling or siblings, it's normal to be a little jealous, too. It may make you feel better to focus more on doing your own personal best, rather than comparing yourself with a brother or sister.

All kids want attention from their parents, but sometimes you need to take turns. If you're feeling ignored or like your sibling is always in the spotlight, talk to your mom or dad. If a parent knows you're feeling left out, together you can figure out ways to help you feel better again. From kidsworldhealth.org.















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