Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Doris Akpovwa’s 50 cheers

“Turning fifty is a matter of pride






You have experience by your side

You know everything there is to know

You have knowledge and skills to show

You have reached your professional zenith

You have proved that success isn’t a myth

You have nothing to worry about

You are on the correct route.”

This poem, can’t say now who wrote it, captures the thrilling journey of Doris Akpovwa as she turned 50 on Sunday, January 27, 2019Yes, Doris has it all; talent, experience, humility and hard work. Born into a privileged home, with the licence to be laid back, she choose the trodden beaten path of hard work encased in humility and now, she has the world at her feet.

A petroleum geologist by training from the Ivy League Imperial College, London, she rose to become the Government and Public Affairs Manager in Statoil Nig, before quitting in glowing colours.

For those who know her, the ever-enterprising wife of Dan Akpovwa, publisher of The Abuja Inquirer, Doris is homely; a doting mother to her three, a pillar of support to her husband and ever engaging.

As you turn a new page in life, the heavens celebrates and showers you blessings afresh like the morning dew.

Happy Birthday ma’am!


Onnoghen’s cross gets bigger

Few weeks, it looked like a small cross to bear, but now, the cross has grown bigger and heavier. It is Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen’s to bear.

“The fear of me not exhibiting the uncommon courage that had earlier been exhibited; I assure you that I remain whom I have been on the bench right from the beginning and I intend to end that way by the special grace of God,” Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen said on his confirmation by the Senate on March 1, 2017.

Barely two years into a mandate that runs till 2020, the Chief Justice of Nigeria is in want of that ‘uncommon courage’ which should see him end well.

Having weathered the storm of confirmation, one will think that the CJN will have some respite.

But the fates of those in the executive think otherwise and last Thursday, the unthinkable happened as President Muhammadu Buhari suspended the head of the third arm of government over assets’ declaration breach.

According to the six charges instituted by the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Onnoghen failed to declare some accounts, domiciliary with a bank in the country, therefore, should face trial and possibly resign.

Since the matter broke, the country has been thrown into a frenzy with people, groups taking different stance depending on their ethnic, religious and political persuasions.

There are those who have argued that as a lawyer at the apex court, the CJN should have known better not to forget updating his assets’ declaration form.

There are others, yet, who state that it is sheer political witch hunt as anybody could forget while stressing that the speed at which the charges were drawn and date set for trial connotes pure mischief.

Now, the country is on edge with the international community wading in and Nigeria posturing about the ‘interference’ in the CJN matter.

For now, the stakes are getting higher and complex by the day as the nation fears of an implosion.


For Maduro, the clock ticks

Tyrants never learn from history. It is either they repeat history, or history has a way of repeating itself when dictators are in power.

The hubris of power is playing out in Venezuela and at the center of it is President Nicolás Maduro.

Maduro, the little known heir to longtime ruler Hugo Chavez is racing against time over electoral dispute as more western countries are backing National Assembly chief Juan Guaidó.

Last Wednesday, Guaidó declared himself "acting president" over what he termed electoral fraud by Maduro.

Already, millions have fled the oil-rich but greatly impoverished country. Also, a number of high ranking diplomats are abandoning the regime even as the president talks tough.

If anything, Maduro is no Chavez that was as charismatic as he was controversial.

Has Maduro learnt of the fates of rulers like him? Can he stand the coming storm as the US, EU, Israel and many more recognize Guaidó?

Can he find it in himself to spare Venezuelans the agony of a prolonged crisis?

As the day rolls by and both sides dig in, only time will tell who blinks first.














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