Written by Chuks NZEH, Ere-ebi AGEDAH

The quality of leaders we want- FCT residents








With barely five days to the 2019 general elections, clues have emerged where majority votes could sway as Nigerians choose between top contenders, President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. In this issue, some Abuja residents told Chuks NZEH and Ere-Ebi AGEDAH what qualities they expect from their would-be leaders. Excerpts:


HASSAN ADEBAYO BAMIDELE: I look forward to a peaceful conduct of the election which should be our first priority. If you look at the country now, the situation is really tense from both camps and those that looted the country are regrouping to come back.

Also, the incumbent administration is not handling Nigeria in a way that it will be beneficial to us as a people and nation. Like I said earlier, if we can have a free and fair election, and smooth transition of power to the wining team, we will have good leadership.

However, I will advise that the new administration should look at the mistakes of the past in order to harness the present opportunities, fill the loopholes and navigate through to the future. With this we will have a good ending and a better future.


ENOBONG WILLIAMS: our present leadership is as good as not having any leadership. We are actually still praying and hoping that we can have a true leader. For 2019 election, I fear that we might still not have a leader because of the kind of presidential hopefuls that have already shown interest. It is regrettable that we keep recycling the same leaders after every election year.

We have not been bold enough to decide the kind of leadership we want even when we are well aware that the kind of leaders we have are not what we want. We have not been able to speak as one voice or one community to take a stand and push out the bad eggs.

The ones that are supposed to speak are scared of speaking. The corrupt ones are the ones speaking because they handle the resources and the economy. I do not think we will have a say in the kind of leaders we want, but I pray that God changes our bad leaders to become good ones.


JEREMIAH EZEKIEL: Peradventure the incumbent administration loses the election and we are have a new administration, there will be a lot of changes because it is a new government that is taking over.

What, as a Nigerian, I really want from them is for the new administration to eradicate poverty. The poverty rate in our country is quite alarming.  It was a bit bearable but now it has become really unbearable. I encourage the new administration to tackle poverty and make this nation new again.


UZOKA OBIAGERI SOPHIA: Nigeria requires transparent and honest leadership; one that will be accountable to the people, a servant leader, who will put the people first before his personal needs, one that will be accessible and create platforms to reach the people to meet their immediate needs.

We want leaders who would utilize and empower the police and Civil Defence to reduce crimes in communities and use less of the armed forces; if possible, send them back to the barracks where they belong.

We want leaders who can think on how they would create employment for our teeming youths and make them less susceptible to social vices. We want leaders who are willing to sacrifice for their people in times of want and crisis, those who have global influence that can attract strategic investment to the country


ASOGWA AMOS CHIJIOKE: in 2019, Nigeria needs a leader who is independent of external influences, a leader who is in charge of his mind, who do not subscribe to the Nigerian kind of godfather; one who is devoid of party, religion or ethnic mind set, one whose leadership, is focused on the global vision of building a nation that is bigger than him, his political platform, religious and ethnic affiliation.

He will not read his visions or intentions from stale words of paid scriptwriters, but his actions will draw from the bounties of floating ideas enriched by creative engagements, powered by the dynamics of his visions.

We deserve a leader who will utilize our natural resources for the good of all especially those from the communities where those resources are gotten from. This is the type of president we need come 2019.
















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