Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Missing budget: ’our disappointments, doubts’

Not long after the festivities were over, Nigerians were greeted with the news that the 2016 budget earlier submitted to the Senate was missing. News of the missing budget has since spread like wild fire, drawing reactions from Nigerians within and outside the country. Although President Muhammadu Buhari recalled the document, made amendments and returned it to the Senate, Nigerians who spoke to Bede NNAJI still feel the embarrassment, while others simply doubt the disappearance of Nigeria’s 2016 national budget proposal.



It’s quite unfortunate that the so called giant of Africa could be linked with such debilitating sarcasm as to the missing of such an important economic document.

Missing national budget? That sounds ludicrous and I will also add that it is even more disappointing that this quagmire is linked to the APC government of which Nigerians have sworn would do better.

Nobody achieves any meaningful success in life when they adopt the tactics of blaming others for what they are having problems dealing with.

The APC-led government is leaving us in doubt about their competence and sincerity. Within eight months of this administration we have experienced so much killing of civilians and soldiers, alarming devaluation of the naira, blatant disregard and breach of the constitution especially human right by the presidency, inciting of the citizenry against previous administration through the alibi of blame games; hence, not keeping to campaign promises as stipulated in their initial campaign time frame and now the derision of a missing budget.

First, the president formally presented the budget to the House of Assembly; suddenly there were reactions from Nigerians on the credibility of the budget, which reflected alarming inputs that are repugnant to positive change they yearn for.



I am shocked at how quickly this administration is dragging itself to the dogs. In less than a year into power, it has done more wrong than right.

How can a document as important as a national budget be missing? This is unheard of and has not happened anywhere in the world even in the third world countries.

How can a president say he is not aware of some details in a document he personally handed over to the assembly?

The government has always blamed their inadequacies on previous administrations under PDP. This is misleading and unacceptable.



The budget is not missing; these are all rumours meant to discredit the competence of the president. I am also surprised that the legislative arm of government, which should know better, is the one spearheading such talks.

How can they say the budget is missing? If they have any issues with the document why can’t they approach the president diplomatically?

Honestly, the legislators have always been a problem in carrying out their duties and on issues of finance. They gulp a substantial part of the country’s wealth being yet they are less productive.

I believe this administration has what it takes to bring the expected change we need in Nigeria and no amount of blackmail can stop it.



You see, we Nigerians are always not satisfied and due to that fact, we create issues so as to keep having reason to express our dissatisfaction. How can anyone ever tell you that the budget presented to the National Assembly by Mr. President is missing?

Well, I am not surprised anyway because there is no way you can have over 150 million people and expect not to have such porous rumours meant to instigate ambiguity.

I will enjoin Nigerians to eschew such cheap reports and let us come together to support this administration for the change we all are expecting.

I can assure you that everything is under control; the president is working hard to sanitize the polity.

The National Assembly should know that they are part of this government. Therefore they should be careful what they try to make the people believe because if the government fails, they have also failed. 


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