Written by Godfrey AKON

SHORT STORY Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork

Once upon a time, there lived a very cunning and mischievous fox. He used to speak to other animals sweetly and gain their trust, before playing tricks on them.


One day, the fox met a stork. He befriended the stork and acted like a very good friend. Soon, he invited the stork to have a feast with him. The stork happily accepted the invitation.

On the day of the feast the stork went to the fox’s house. But to her surprise and disappointment, the fox said he could not make a big feast as promised, and just offered some soup.

When he brought the soup out of the kitchen, the stork saw that it was in a shallow bowl! The poor stork could not have any soup with its long bill, but the fox easily licked the soup from the plate.

As the stork just touched the soup with the tip of its bill, the fox asked her, “How is the soup? Don’t you like it?”

The hungry stork replied, “Oh it is good, but my stomach is upset, and I can’t take any more soup!” “I’m sorry for troubling you,” said the fox.

The stork replied, “Oh dear, please don’t say sorry. I have some health problem and cannot enjoy what you offer.” She left the place after thanking the fox, and inviting him to her house for dinner.

The day arrived and the fox reached the stork’s place. After exchanging pleasantries, the stork served soup for both of them in a narrow jar with a long neck. She was able to have the soup very easily with her long bill, but the fox obviously could not.

After finishing hers, the stork asked the fox if he was enjoying the soup. The fox remembered the feast he himself had given the stork, and felt very ashamed. He stammered, “I…I’d better leave now. I have a tummy ache.”

Humiliated, he left the place running. Culled fromwww.kidsworlfun.com


  1. What makes my left hand my right?
  2. Everyone in the world needs it. They generously give it. But rarely take it. What is it?
  3. What belongs to you but people use it more often than you?
  4. I appear once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never show up in a thousand years. Who am I?
  5. What can you have the more you take?
  6. What is tall when it is young, but short when it is old?
  7. What is full of holes but still holds water?


1. A mirror 2. Advice 3. Your name 4. The letter ‘M’ 5. Footsteps 6. A Candle 7. A sponge



Did you know the mineral called pyrite is nicknamed fool’s gold because of its similar appearance to gold?

Did you know gold is so malleable that 1 gram can be hammered into a sheet of 1 square meter in size?

Did you know as of 2009, it was estimated that humans have mined around 160,000 tonnes of gold?

Did you know over the last 100 years South Africa has been the biggest producer of gold and only recently, surpassed by China?

Did you know gold can be made so thin that it appears transparent?


Symptoms of constipation

Besides not pooping as often as you usually do, you may feel full and have less of an appetite if you're constipated. Your belly may stick out a little, too. When you do go to the bathroom, you may feel like you have to work really hard to get the poop out, and it might hurt a little to go.

If your poop is hard and dry, pushing it out may cause tiny tears in the skin of your anus. If this happens, you might see a bit of blood on the toilet paper when you wipe. After you're done, you may have only gone a little and feel like you still have to go.

Sometimes when a kid's really constipated, some watery poop like diarrhea might leak out around the hard poop that's still inside. This can cause a messy accident, even for kids who stopped having accidents a long time ago.

If you think you're constipated, or if you see blood on the toilet paper after you wipe, tell your parents. It's probably no big deal, but it's a good idea to let them know what's going on.

From kidshealth.org.


  1. The instrument used for determining atmospheric pressure and hence, assists in forecasting weather is called what?
  2. Noise is measured in what?
  3. An instrument for determining temperature is called?
  4. The speed of a car is measured in what?
  5. To determine the speed of rotation, which instrument is used?


1. Barometer 2. Decibels 3. Thermometer 4. Kilometers 5. Tachometer














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