Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

JPKP proffers way forward on Trump-Kim Vietnam Summit

Journalists for Peace in Korean Peninsula, JPKP, Nigeria has expressed sadness that the US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader President Kim Jong Un failed to agree on denuclearization of Korean Peninsula, replacement of Armstice Agreement with Peace Pact and lifting of sanctions by US president on North Korea.

In a communiqué after an emergency meeting in Kaduna recently and signed by its Chairman, Tajudeen A. Tijjani, JPKP called on the two leaders to find a way out of the impasse.

The group advised the two leaders to look into whatever are the key issues and iron them out for everlasting peace in both North and South Korea Peninsula.

During the widely published summit in Hanoi in Vietnam on February 27-28 with much expectation, Trump urged Kim to agree to total denuclearization which must be carried out before any other thing to be done. 

Trump refused to lift sanctions on North Korea because, according to him, Kim was not sincere in riding his country of nuclear weapons.

South Korean (ROK) President Moon Jae In has shown unwavering determination for establishing peace system on the Korean Peninsula, taking measures to scale down the joint military exercise with US and reduce the number of GPs within the demilitarized zone.

JPKP said that above all things, DPRK should make a bolder and resolute determination for denuclearization and must refrain from making unnecessary provocations like missile launches.

“US and DPRK should continue their working-level and high-level dialogues with patience, respect and prepare for the third summit between their leaders. Both countries should engage in conversations and explore the win-win scenario to realize the enduring peace on the Korean Peninsula.

“President Kim Jong un should make the most of the opportunity to achieve huge economic development of DPRK and President Trump should seize the chance to accomplish historic achievement of establishing permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.

“Golden time for securing lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula is still here and the international community must root for this cause and efforts.  

Korean youths of both countries should see this time as golden opportunity for peace. Let them appeal to their leaders to embrace peace instead of standing aloof watching events happening which are not in their favour” the group said.

The JPKP expressed the hope that all is not lost on the way forward for peace to reign in the Korean Peninsula, if both countries place their demands on the table without anyone claiming victory on whatever agreement reached for the interest of peace.



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