Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

Biosafety agency dismisses comments on GMO

Following what it termed ‘inciting comments’ against the National Biosafety Management Agency, NBMA, and its activities in some radio stations on the safety of genetically modified organs geared towards anti-biosafety of the country, the agency has described these comments as an attempt to flaw the federal governments’ honest efforts to ensure the growth of the economy through the application of confirmed safe technologies.

Director General of NBMA, Rufus Ebegba, speaking to journalists in his office dismissed the comments as not scientific based.

According to him, the information by some people are not genuine, scientific and based on flawed scientific process that have been pulled down from peer review journals in which they were published.

He explained that GMOs crops so far approved by the NBMA are not yet in the market, and even though approvals have been given for their commercial release, they still have to undergo other instant procedures such as through the variety release committee and the National Seed Service.

The DG noted that claim that there are GM mangoes, grape fruits, cassava in the market was completely false and an indication of ignorance.

He said the commercially approved GM crops globally are Alfalfa, cotton, eggplant, corn, poplar, maize, canola, soybean, flower colour carnation, flower colour rose, papaya, RR canola and potato, however said the crops are not currently officially in the Nigeria market/environment.

He warned those calling for the scrapping of the NBMA are directly paving way for dumping of GMOs in the country, enriching the countries from which these crops are imported, weakening the potentials of our scientists in this sector and do not have the interest of the public at heart, as they claim


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