Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Gradually, the dancing senator gets his steps

Is it too early for the Dancing Senator, Ademola Adeleke, to thrill Nigerians with new dance steps, or there are more hurdles to cross?




Last Friday, the 3-man electoral tribunal sitting in Abuja ruled that Adeleke is the rightful governor-elect of the State of Osun.

Prior to the election, uncle of starboy, Davido, was enmeshed in all sorts of abracadabra orchestrated by the police to keep him busy from effectively campaigning during the governorship contest.

But that had little effect on the votes count as the PDP candidate was ahead of his APC rival only for the INEC to add its magic to the process leading to an inconclusive poll.

So it was that Adeleke was conjured out of the race and his rival, Oyetola, declared as governor.

But like in all things in which time is the greatest decider, Adeleke’s time is rising like the Sun from the East, while that of his opponent recedes from the horizon.

But there are those who say it is yet early days for the groove master to take to the dance floor as the appeal court is one big river to cross.

Whatever the outcome of that process turns out to be, the good thing is that the first step to reclaiming a mandate that was stolen is on, and the current of applause across the country is an indication that Nigerians should be gearing up for a massive concert.

One can only imagine that Adeleke will, when the judicial process is over, and hopefully decided in his favour, dance like David danced so much so that it will become a reference point in time that indeed there was a governor that danced and it brought the good life to his people.

So, get your shoes, practice behind the scene and when the judicial curtain falls, let the moonwalk begins!


For Jumbo, when esprit de corps means nothing

Ordinarily, there is a code of honour and affinity amongst security agents which see those in uniform get away with infractions those not affiliated will be hung for.

But as they say, to every rule there is an exception. Last Wednesday in Abuja, Ogah Jumbo, an Assistant Superintendent of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, learnt the hard way that adorning a para-military uniform means nothing.

Jumbo, who was allegedly murdered in the presence of his wife and children by some police officers near Nyanya market, Abuja, should have known better.

But how was he going to tell that those he saw as ‘brothers’ were the ones who will humiliate him to his death?

Only if he knew what was in store for him that fateful morning, he would have rather wished that his sons were late for school.

But given that the next second is a mystery known only to God, Jumbo fell to the eternal hubris of the unknown and now his family grieves.

Will his killers be brought to justice or will he rouse himself when he is inhume to afflict those that have left his two boys fatherless and his wife a widow?

Will his spirit be at rest knowing the uncertain fate that lies ahead for his boys and wife?

If only the dead could just provide answers, this is the time for Jumbo to bring clarity to his family weighed down by grief and a society that is too shocked to demand justice.

Adieu Ogah Jumbo as you walk alone to the world beyond!














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