Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

Project set to rebrand Nigeria’s image

In a bid to project Nigeria’s image positively to the world, ‘My Nigeria’ has launched a website to rebrand the country’s image to the world through its e-passport project, MNEPP.

At the project unveiling in Abuja, the National President and convener of ‘My Nigeria e-passport project,’ MNEPP ambassador, Tolulope Ayodele, described it as a project to rebrand the image of Nigeria and Nigerians both at home and abroad.

He urge all Nigerians to conduct themselves well anywhere they found themselves.

‘‘Our e-passport is our identity and the identity of Nigeria, so we should stop everything that can tarnish the image of our country.

‘‘Nigerians must begin to obey rules and regulations of the land, stop pushing drugs, stop every criminal activities. We should give the Nigerian passport value by doing the right thing always.

‘‘The Nigeria e-passport has been suffering lots of setback internationally. When they see the Nigeria green passport, they see the carrier of the passport as a criminal.

‘‘Nigeria can be better again if every one of us come together as one in unity, with one goal, and agree to do the right thing. Fixing Nigeria is not the work of the president and the governors alone, it’s a collective responsibility of all Nigerians,” he said.

Ayodele called on civil societies to support the commission to take the image of Nigeria to the next level, disclosing that the MNEPP will be working with the Nigeria Immigration Service to sensitise and educate Nigerians collecting their e-passport in various states of Nigeria not to commit fraud or any criminal activity with the passport.

He also revealed that his group will be working with Nigerian celebrities and superstars in the music industry and footballers across the world and also with the ambassadors of Nigeria sent to other nations of the world and urge all Nigerians to join and support this movement to rebrand the image of the country.



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