Written by Godfrey AKON

‘What Nigeria should do on youth development’

Social Housing crusader, Architect Ezekiel Nya-Etok has stressed the need for Nigeria to restrategize its development plans and focus on quality education in the north

He stressed that this was because quality education remains the bedrock of development.

Architect Nya- Etok said the youth in northern Nigeria are technological and resourceful driven, but there was the need to harness this resourcefulness and lead them to be part of the sustainable development of the country.

He noted that northern youths experience difficulties in getting the education and empowerment they deserve, noting that one of the most crucial challenges facing the north was preparing her young for the future.

Nya-Etuk stated this during an award ceremony organised by the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria where he was awarded with the Sir Ahmadu Bello Leadership Award in Abuja.

“On a serious note I think the time has come when we want to look at issues affecting northern Nigeria youth and know that whatever happen to one happen to all calling on all leaders and elders in all over Nigeria North, South, East and West to stand up for the youth.

“I want to tell the elders in the north that we respect them but the time has come when you need to realised that the youth have something to offer, the time has come when you’ll believe that the youth are in succession planning, the time has come when you will realise that the youth in the Northern Nigeria do not only belong to you, they all belong to all of us because Nigeria is one country whatever happen to one happen to all,” he said.



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