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Bad economy can lead to low erection- Abuja Sexpert









 Omotola leads cast in new movie ‘Shadow Parties’


The official trailer for “Shadow Parties” starring Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Sola Sobowale, Toyin Abraham, Yemi Blaq and many other profound actors, has been released.

The movie is about people that had lived peacefully for several decades but suddenly turned enemies, resulting in deaths of many people and displacement of numerous others, majority of them women and children. 

 It is a story of an Army officer whose unfortunate upbringing was caused by the death of his parents killed by Aje town natives; because his father is an Iludun man.

This is a result of a war that broke out between these two communities. Shot in Lagos and Ibadan, the cast includes carefully selected seasoned actors across Nigeria’s Nollywood, as well as some Hollywood’s actors. It will be shown in cinemas soon.



How I’ve managed to strike balance between music, marriage — D’banj

Considering the way pop star, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, a.k.a D’banj manages to joggle between a tight work schedule and marital responsibilities, one may be tempted to think he has a secret rule book guiding him.

In a chat, the ‘Fall in Love’ crooner explained how he has been able to successfully achieve this feat. “It’s been very hard but the truth is one just has to understand what he/she is doing.

“When you see the actors or footballers in the club, they’re just normal people, but when the footballers put on their jersey and get on the field, they’re different people entirely.

“I was with Obafemi Martins in the club recently and he was just a normal person but when he wears the jersey, he’s a different person. So like I said, one just needs to understand what you do.

“As an entertainment person, it’s part of me. When I wear my costume as D’Banj, I get to entertain my people but then I’ve my privacy and if you check it properly for the last decade, even if I’m out there I keep my private life very private. If you know how to strike a balance and then God blesses you with the right wife that can understand then you’re good”, he said.

Speaking further, he revealed the secret behind his ability to successfully stay relevant on the Nigerian music scene for more than a decade.

“I really don’t know, I just do what I do. But I think it’s just by doing what I know how to do best and being true to myself, being original.

Also, believing in God and touching base with your foundation, where you’re coming from. For a very long time I’ve always tried to understand my calling, I think that’s one thing that has helped me to get to this level and it’s been an interesting ride.”

The self-styled ‘Koko Master’ who just launched a new YouTube series chronicling his musical sojourn, (The adventures of Koko Master) explained why he needed to do so. “One major thing that has affected us in Africa is that we’ve not documented our stories right and that hasn’t inspired the new generation. Growing up, we saw what Michael Jackson was doing and we could imagine and have hope of being like that also. But in Africa we don’t see such, we’re only told. So, I’ve documented mine and it’s going to have 15-episodes. It’s going to be about my life and other colleagues of mine. I’ll be answering questions that I know people have been asking over the years. I’m also using it to advise the up and coming generation”, he said.



Why being a business owner sucks — Kemi Adetiba

Prolific music Filmmaker, Music Video/Television Director, Kemi Adetiba, fondly known as the ‘Bruce Lee of visuals’, has been on the steady rise in her chosen career right from her days as a radio presenter with Rhythm 93.7 FM, where she became the voice behind two nationally syndicated hit shows, Soul’d Out and Sunday at the Seaside.

Though she has been a source of encouragement to young women aspiring to be successful at their chosen crafts, she still battles with the hard knocks of being an adult and a successful independent female business owner.

While sharing her thoughts on the challenges she grapples with daily as an independent adult and business owner, the director of ‘The Wedding Party’ and ‘King of Boys’, explained why it sucks to be an adult and an independent business owner.

“The honest truth is being an independent adult and a business owner sucks most of the time. You wake up every day fighting. Fighting to motivate yourself, fighting to be heard, fighting to stave off cheats, fighting for your rights, fighting for your work, fighting for your money”, she said.



Bad economy can lead to low erection- Abuja Sexpert


An Abuja based sexpert, Ify-Asia Chiemeziem, has revealed that bad economy can affect a man's sexual performance, noting that sex starts from the brain, mind, whatever the brain transmits to the genital, which is what it would do.

While speaking to journalist, Chiemeziem explained that if the man is depressed or anxious due to economic reason, it may be difficult for him to springing an erection, but this can be corrected through the right knowledge.

According to the sexpert, even women sexual appetite can also be reduced if they are stressed or anxious due to lack of money.

She stated that stress slows down or impedes blood flow or circulation in the body and the genital, and since arousal has to do with the amount of blood that is pumped into the genital, this could affect erection.

She noted that having studied sex as a profession and helped people overcome sexual problems, the need to educate people on how to manage their sexual challenges had become eminent.


‘‘Some married women whose husbands cannot provide for them, or can't provide for themselves can dislike sex with their husband. You hear them mutter words like there is no money, food and you are talking about sex.

"A lot of people are out there shying away from marriage or relationships because they have some sexual problem they believe are either shameful or has no solution. I help couples and individuals overcome sexual problems. I also teach sex education to the public.

‘‘There's a man who came to me due to weak erection and low sexual desire. He couldn't get married because of this. He is in his 40s. I discovered that his problem was mostly psychological and he needed to also boost his testosterone.

‘‘I advised him to go on and find a woman to marry, I assured him he would have sex when the time comes, he heeded to my advice and today he is a happy’’ she said.



















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