Written by Godfrey AKON

SHORT STORY The Tree and the Travellers

There was a big tree more than hundred years old located in the middle of a dry land. It gave rest and shelter to hundreds and thousands of travellers.

The tree was located at the centre of four different towns, act as a connection point of all towns and villages in the nearby area.

However, except the big old tree, there was no other tree that can offer rest to the people. The tree has a huge and broad trunk with innumerable branches which spread the shadow covering a wide space.

One day, two travellers were travelling from a distant place and tried to reach a town located at the east of the tree. They were walking for several miles on a hot and sunny day.

They started their journey from early morning and it was almost mid noon. The sun was too hot and they could not walk anymore due to the heat. They were completely exhausted! Fortunately, they reached the place where the tree was located.

 They were very happy to see such a big tree with breezing wind. They decided to take rest under the tree. They slept for some time happily enjoying the soothing cool breeze of the tree.

They felt hungry and one of the travellers decided to climb the branches to see whether the tree has any fruit. Since it is not a fruit-bearing tree, the traveller was disappointed.

He started cursing the tree owing to his hunger. ‘Oh, this is just a useless tree and it has nothing to feed us, not even a fruit or even nuts! It is of no use!’

The other traveller composed him and asked him to stay cool. However, the traveller was so angry due to hunger and cursed the tree.

The tree, which could not tolerate the cursing words of the traveller, in a sad yet strong voice, ‘You can’t be so ungrateful to me. Just look back at the condition when you reached here in the hot and dry sun! I offered you cool and comfortable place to rest and sleep with soothing breeze. If I’m not here when you are very tired you would have died now! I saved your life from the hot sun, but you humiliate me!’

The traveller realized his mistake and apologized to the tree.

Every creation of God has innumerable benefits to the mankind. There is good in everything and we often fails to notice the good! Also, don’t badmouth the one who helped you. From www.kidsworldfun.com.




In Case of Emergency

Here are some suggestions on how to be ready to help in an emergency:

When you're outdoors, make sure you're in an area where you can call out for help even if you don't have a phone with you.
Know how to dial 112 or your local emergency number
If you have one, carry a cell phone or know how to use your parent's cell phone.
Learn first aid. Look for basic first-aid classes with your local Red Cross, the Boy or Girl Scouts, 4-H clubs, your local hospital, and other organizations. Or ask your school nurse to have a first-aid class just for students in your school.

It's scary to think about someone getting hurt. But the truth is that accidents can and do happen. They happen when people are being careless and when they're careful.


Being Afraid (for Kids) - KidsHealth

Have you ever been afraid? Everyone gets scared sometimes. Find out more about fear in this article for kids.


 Sometimes, kids are the ones who get hurt. Sometimes, grown-ups get hurt. Either way, it's good to know what to do if someone needs emergency medical help. Even though you're a kid, you can make a big difference by doing the right thing.


What are the three types of energy the human body uses?
Where are incisors found in the human body?
What organ do you use for smelling?
A bone is said to have fractured when it is?


Fat, carbohydrates and proteins 2. In the mouth 3. The nose 4. Broken



Did you know oranges originated in Southeast Asia?
Did you know oranges are domesticated so you are unlikely to find them growing naturally in the wild?
Did you know tomatoes are botanically classed as fruits and not vegetables?
Did you know in cooler climates tomatoes are usually grown in glasshouses?
Did you know most food items we consume contain carbohydrates?


What runs through the hills and plains but never ascends?
I am a short object ready to lend a hand, people carry me about and I keep memories longer than their minds, what am I?
You see me quite often, but don’t really care. If you pass by me, you’ll often stop and stare. I can’t speak or see. No matter what, I always tell the truth. What am I?
What word becomes shorter when you add letters to it?
What can you swallow and can also swallow you?


1.  Streams and rivers 2. A pen 3. A mirror 4. Short when you add “er” it becomes “shorter” 5. Water






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