Written by Chuks NZEH

My sister in-law, husband, plotted my family’s disappearance, pastor alleges

The last is yet to be heard of the alleged disappearance of a pastor’s wife and their four children in Lugbe, a suburb in Abuja.

Pastor Isaac Pada of the Deeper Life Church had recently reported to the police in Lugbe that his wife and four children, were missing, accusing his sister in-law, one Mrs. Maryann Ojih, and her husband, for the disappearance of his family.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja, he said; "Even after reporting to the appropriate authorities, I personally continued the search on 31 July. I did call and send text messages to members of the family including Mrs. Ojih who denied knowledge of their (my family’s) whereabouts. Around 1.42pm of that day, the same Mrs. Ojih called me on phone accusing me of hiding my wife and children and demanded that I produce them.”

He further stated that he was shocked by the accusation as “from investigation update shows that it was actually the same Mrs. Ojih that masterminded the abduction of my wife and children from my home on 30th July when I was away at work. She procured the services of a commercial vehicle driver that lives around her vicinity at Kubwa to convey my wife and children under her instruction to a particular location outside Abuja.

"The claim of Mrs. Ojih that I know their whereabouts is to say the least offensive and ridiculous. After her press release, she was invited by the police to tell her side of the story but she declined on two flimsy and irreconcilable excuses: first that she was sick, barely a day after her press release, and second that she is not the head of the family."

Speaking on the development, the Police Investigating Officer, a Divisional Crime Officer at the Lugbe Police Division, ASP Bulama Pogu, told our correspondent that the police assumed that Mrs. Pada and her children were missing “that was why we were investigating initially, now that we have confirmed that they are at the mother's place in Auchi, there is need to go and bring them back and that is the procedure we doing now, soon it would be over.”

Maryann Ojih, who spoke to journalists about her sister, Mrs Precious Pada, said she left her matrimonial home as a consequence of years of domestic violence.

Mrs.  Ojih alleged that Pastor Pada was a serial wife beater who takes delight in assaulting his wife since their marriage was contracted 9 years ago.

She added that the pastor beats his wife up so much that in 2017, she lost a pregnancy.



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