Written by Austine ELEMUE

IMN: Abuja natives task FG tougher measures

Natives of Abuja have urged tougher measures against members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, accusing them of rape and physical assault on women in local communities of the Federal Capital Territory. 

The natives said failure by the federal government to urgently address the security challenges faced in local communities could snowball into major crisis between them and the IMN.  

Spokesman of Abuja natives, Comrade Yunusa Yusuf, told journalists in Abuja that in recent occasions, Shiites members are seen in local communities of the territory unleashing mayhem on natives especially women and other residents. 

He also alleged that a suspected Shi’ite chopped off fingers of an Abuja native in Guzape village over a little disagreement, adding that the victim is currently receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital. 

Yusuf expressed displeasure over the way and manner the government is treating the terrorist group with kid gloves, warning that henceforth the natives will device a means of defending themselves if government fails to take urgent actions to tackle the issue. 

According to him, "supporters of El-Zakzaky are all over our local communities and we are no longer safe in our ancestral land. They use the remote villages as hideout from security operatives. Unfortunately, their presence in these communities are becoming unbearable as they have started raping our defenceless women and physically assaulting natives and other residents of the territory. 

"Just last week, a member of Shiites group chopped off fingers of our brother in Guzape village who is currently receiving treatment. These people are terrorists and they keep terrorizing our people. But what is shocking to us is the way and manner the government is treating these people with kid gloves. 

"Let me use this medium to remind residents that precisely on July 10, 2019, we gave federal government 48 hours ultimatum to end Shiites protest in the territory. We did that not because we want to be confrontational, but we have seen in advance the security implications of their continued stay in the territory".



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