Written by Austine ELEMUE

Bello warns against underperformance in agencies, councils

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Malam Muhammad Bello, has warned heads of agencies, departments and the six area council chairmen, that he would not tolerate any act of underperformance. 

He said the duty of building a nation's capital that will meet up with the dreams of its founding fathers should be seen as a collective task, where everyone must sit up to work. 

Bello gave the warning, last week, when he officially took over from the FCTA permanent secretary, Sir Christian Ohaa, adding that his second term as minister would be tough for those that would fail to live up to expectation. 

The minister said, he used his first tenure to persuade the cabinet members to work, yet there were little positive results. 

Bello, who, commended President Muhammadu Buhari for reappointing him, said those who will be part of his cabinet must deliver in line with the mandate of Buhari's led government or would be shown the way out. 

"During my first tenure I spent a lot of time working closely with you, trying to encourage you to reengineer yourself and to appreciate the responsibilities assigned to you. I was patient with heads of agencies, councils and traditional leaders, by ensuring that everyone gets the right funding, yet there was failure. 

"I spent time in my first tenure encouraging heads of agencies and others to do good work, but now I am not going to waste the time again, except providing funding, every department and agency is clearly aware of its roles, not like in my first tenure with the support of permanent secretary we were persuading people to the extent that I was doing everything" 


The minister regretted that public relation officers, PROs, in support of their heads of agencies and departments failed to showcase their activities, saying the situation didn't speak good of his administration in the first term. 

"In every department and agency there is a public relations unit saddled with its responsibilities, but for two and a half year there has never been article or press interview to showcase the activities, despite the huge infrastructure work done and payment of contractors, even within the administration people didn't understand. 

"In my second coming, every department and agency is expected to do its work, the heads of agencies will be held responsible for any failure. I am not going to spend time cajoling and begging people to do their work, anyone that works will be part of my team, but any person that fails to work will be kicked out" he said. 

Handling over the reign of authority to the minister, the FCT Permanent Secretary, Sir Christian Ohaa, assured the minister that he would continue to support activities that would help the administration to succeed. 



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