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No romantic relationship with Tacha, says Sir Dee

BBNaija duo, Tacha and Sir Dee landed a big sucker punch full on the faces of their social media fans and followers when they posted a picture they took together, locked in warm embrace.






As expected the social media was alight with speculations and questions on whether the two Housemates are up to something, a little beyond being friends.

But it appears it was all smoke and no fire as Sir Dee admitted that there’s nothing romantic between them.

“The ideal is simple -friendship,” when asked what was the big idea behind the picture. “There’s nothing romantic whatsoever between us, it was just a show of friendship,” he added.

The Housemate laughed his head off when he was queried he wasn’t close to Tacha in the Big Brother’s and retorted that there is much we don’t know. The duo definitely has something for each as it was reflected in their separate posts on the Instagram Sir Dee had posted, “They say you choose your friends. Or they choose you. But they forget that circumstances more often than not bring you together. And those circumstances mould the path you both take. On this path we all have chosen, may light shine on our paths, and may fortune smile on us all, EVERYDAY! Thank you my #friendship for inviting me and giving such an awesome time! @symply_tacha.”

And Tacha had returned the favour with a glowing words of hers. “Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said, I am here for you and proved it? Thank you @sirdee_da you’ve only and only been true.”


Sue me or shut up, Tuface replies Blackface's

Nigerian legendary musician and former member off Plantashun Boiz, Tuface Idibia, has replied Blackface on the incessant allegation that the former stole his music.

In an interview, the African Queen crooner, said that Blackface has only been on the route to tarnish his image.

“Let me put it like this, you just go on air and start spinning lies. I have never said or done anything bad to Blackface, but he just goes on air and starts lying all the time because he wants to spread hate. It is a smear campaign,” he said.

The Amaka crooner also lamented the fact that the spurious allegation has become a source of obsession for his former mate, saying he does not know how to help him out of the situation even if he wants to.

“He keeps saying he is going to sue me, so I am saying sue me! You know say I no thief your song, you just want people to hate me. Stop the nonsense. Anytime he comes on air, ask him ‘wetin im do wey make me sue am? Ask am whether I no write am letter before say guy stop this thing, I did not steal your song’. “What have I done to him? He just hates me. It has become an obsession and it is not healthy for him anymore and there is nothing I can say or do to help his dilemma, so I don’t know. It is not like I am giving up, but it is all up to him now. He has to free himself from that bondage,” he said.


Charles Novia launches first teen channel December 1

The first indigenous television channel for teenagers in Africa launches on December 1st in Lagos.

Teen Africa TV, according to the Founder and CEO, Charles Novia,’ is a new and exciting niche television channel poised to be the first platform for teenagers in the African broadcast space, running for 24 hours daily across African countries and targeting first line audiences of pre-teens, teenagers aged 13 to 19 and second base young adults and the family.

“Our programming has the best of original content in genres of talk shows, lifestyle, educational, entertainment and events, Novia boasts

“We are creating the biggest content library and resource for teenagers across Africa and we have the best of original content on the channel.

TATV will also be online and our projections in the next two years is to launch in the United Kingdom on the B SKY B Bouquet, giving the Diaspora African teens a taste of the pulsating values and creativity of the African youth experience. There’s nothing like this and we are building the biggest visual ecosystem of teens and young adults in Africa,” he added.

On December 1, 2019, in a spectacular ceremony which has been tagged ‘The Biggest Teen Party in Africa’, TATV will have its official launch which will be attended by teens from across the country at the Balmoral Events Hall, Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. The event will be transmitted live on terrestrial and satellite televisions and also streamed live online.


‘I don’t want my sons in jail because a woman has a story’ - Daddy Freeze

Social media was recently thrown into chaos after news broke that celebrity photographer and wife of Timi Dakolo, Busola, lost her sexual molestation case against Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA senior pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

After a FCT high court seating, dismissed the case against the man of God, for lack of concrete evidence.

Reacting to the development, popular radio presenter Daddy Freeze shared a post on video streaming platform, YouTube, in which he heavily berated the Dakolos and spoke against the danger of rape allegations without strong evidence.

The media personality while drawing several references from the Bible, also recounted the case of prominent footballer, Neymar, who was almost wrongfully sentenced for rape, before video allegations proved his accuser wrong.

Freeze pointed out that he has three sons and he does not want a situation where their lives would be jeopardised simply because a woman has accused them of abuse without evidence.

Freeze said: "I have three sons, I don’t want them in jail because a woman has a story. If you have a story, it better not be audio. If someone did something to you, let it not be audio doings. If you do not have what it takes to nail an offender properly, shut up.”











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