Written by Ijeoma UKAZU

CSOs launch mobile app to foster transparency in extractives

Efforts to promote transparency and accountability in the extractives sector of the economy have received a boost as the body of civil society in Nigeria is set to launch a mobile application to track the remediation of issues contained in the annual audit reports of the Nigeria Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative, NEITI.

The mobile app called RemTrack was designed and developed by OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative in collaboration with the Civil Society Steering Committee (CSSC) of NEITI.

It will be presented to the public on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 in Lagos to mark the formal commencement of public engagement of the tool.

The public presentation will be performed by the Executive Secretary of NEITI, Mr. Waziri Adio, and assisted by other dignitaries. Stakeholders from companies, civil society, the media and the development community are expected at the event.

RemTrack is a technology-for-development intervention built to organize the audit reports into user-friendly data on remediation issues, progress and outcomes of reconciliation, and the covered entities.

The app is designed for android and apple devices to be used in mobile phones and other hand-held devices. RemTrack has been made available for download from the Google Play and iOS App stores respectively and also has a web interface (www.remtrack.ng) as well as purpose-built environment at the back-end for covered entities to interact on issues with NEITI per the audit reports.

RemTrack is a global innovation being the first of its kind throughout the world conceived to foster the implementation of the Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative, EITI, process in Nigeria.

The RemTrack app is built to be simple enough to provide easily relatable information for the ordinary user who is uninitiated in oil and gas as well for experts and industry players steep in the operations of extractives.

Among several other benefits, the app will stimulate informed and healthy public engagement in the extractives sector, enhance evidence-based advocacy by civil society, provide a window of automating the NEITI audit process among covered entities, aid legislative oversight, and foster investigative journalism.

The unveiling of the RemTrack app broadens the opportunities of the civil society and the citizens to track key findings and recommended in NEITI reports, the process of implementation and how the impact feeds into the on-going overall reform agenda of the extractive industries. This is a major civil society contribution to deepen NEITI process in Nigeria.

The RemTrack app has come into being after over a year-long period of consultations and co-creation driven by OrderPaper and the CSSC.


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