Written by Sarah NEGEDU

Title documents: 17000 documents unclaimed in FCTA

A total of 17,665 title documents processed between 2015 to date are yet to be claimed by property owners, the FCT Department of Land Administration has revealed.

According to the Director of Land Administration, Adamu Hussaini, the department has at least 11, 263 unclaimed Certificates of Occupancy and 6,402 Rights of Occupancy in its vaults waiting to be collected.

Hussaini who disclosed this at a press conference in Abuja revealed that the Department recently embarked on an in-house cleaning and sorted out the uncollected title documents stored.

He therefore called on the owners of all uncollected Certificates of Occupancy to come forward to claim them, stressing that they are transactable and mortgageable documents that shouldn’t be left in the vaults.

“Since the coming of this Administration, the Department of Land Administration has proactively sorted out thousands of title documents including 11,263 Certificates of Occupancy, Cs of O, and 6,402 Rights of Occupancy, Rs of O, in its vault that are awaiting collection by the allottees,” Hussainin emphasized.

Hussaini said in 2019 alone, FCT Minister signed and conveyed 785 Certificates of Occupancy, adding that efforts are being made to fast track the process of timely issuance of Certificates of Occupancy in tune with the SERVICOM Charter of the Federal Government and the Executive Order on the Ease of Doing Business.

On some of the achievements recorded in 2019, Hussaini disclosed that the Department has successfully resolved 7 cases using Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR, mechanism while 20 other cases are at advanced stages of determination.

He said the Department created and institutionalized Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR, to reduce the time spent to seek redress in conventional courts on dispute over land matters.

On the knotty issues of double allocation, the Director stated that the FCT Administration has resolved several cases of multiple land allocations and concrete measures has been taken to safeguard future occurrences.

Also speaking at the event the Director, Abuja Geographic Information Systems, Dr. Isa Jalo, said the FCTA received a total of 7,826 land applications in 2019.

Of these requests, Jalo said that private residential applications were 4,901 while 2,120 applications were received for commercial plots, 431 were for resettlement, 373 Area Council and one application for diplomatic plot.

The director maintained that AGIS contributed positively to the success Nigeria recorded in its upward movement on the Ease of Doing Business on the 2019 World Bank index.

The director said it was in this spirit that, “AGIS reactivated its Electronic Queue Management System which has led to the improvement of crowd management and sustained orderliness especially during peak hours of its operations”.

He reiterated that the production and conveyance processes of the Certificates of Occupancy have been re-organized to fast track its deliverance with the intention of reducing wastage of man-hour of the customers.



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