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How excessive sleep raises risk of stroke, others –Research

A new research has revealed that excessive sleep could raise the risk of cardiovascular problems like stroke.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide and the new research suggests that people who take long naps in the day may be at a higher risk of stroke.

The study, appearing in the journal Neurology revealed that, globally, it is reported that 15 million people experience it each year and almost six million of these people die as a result, and 5 million go on to live with a disability.

More recently, researchers have started exploring sleep duration as another potential risk factor.

The study also stated that some trusted sources have found that either too much or too little sleep can increase the risk of cardiovascular events, including stroke.

According to the findings, regular sleep deprivation and sleep for more than seven hours per night are each associated with a higher risk of stroke.

The corresponding author of the study from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in Wuhan, China, Dr Xiaomin Zhang, said there are 85 percent higher risks in long sleepers and nappers.

Dr Zhang and the team collected information from 31,750 people in China. None of the participants, who were 62 years old, on average had a history of stroke or any other serious health condition at the start of the study.




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