Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

’We will support kerosene subsidy removal only if…’

Recently, the Federal Government announced the removal of kerosene subsidy pegging its regulated price at N83 per litre with a profit of N10.72k accruing to its coffers for every litre sold. Since the new price regime was announced by the Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulatory Agency, PPPRA, the increment has generated different reactions from concerned Nigerians. Some Abuja residents, who spoke to Laraba MUREY, gave their reasons why they would support the policy if the product is available. Excerpts:



Removal of kerosene subsidy is a good thing, as long as the product will be available at the filling stations for us to buy.

We were already buying kerosene at a high price before the subsidy removal. An average litre of kerosene went for between N150 and N200. Black marketers were the ones making the money. But now Kerosene is being sold for N83. The N10.72 kobo profit the government is making is to generate revenue for the nation. Every nation generates revenue.

Government can invest the profit on education and strengthen tertiary institutions to produce quality graduates, as well as improve the global rating of our universities.



In fact, I have 100 per cent support for the removal of kerosene subsidy. When government was subsidising kerosene, the product was not available for people to buy.

If government can assure us that the product will be available in every filling station at the rate of N83, it would be better.

When government was selling Kerosene at N50 the product was not available. We were buying from black marketers while government was paying for subsidy.

I like to suggest that we refine locally and all transactions of kerosene products be in naira. We are exporting; we produce in dollars and sell in naira and that becomes expensive.


The profit of 10.72k is not too much. It’s okay. Before you embark on any business, it is to maximise profit. The economy has not been diversified. Our revenue generation is on oil. So if the government will remove subsidy and make profit it’s not a problem.



Right now, a bottle of kerosene that we used to buy at N100 is sold for between N150 and N200; this is expensive.

You can imagine our plight, those of us that are managing our lives and have other things to buy like water. Since we must buy kerosene, a bottle of N150 cannot even be enough to use for cooking effectively.

One has to use a smaller container inside the stove to put the kerosene to cook.

Simply put, government made this decision against the masses. They are rich already and can afford domestic gas.

The government wants to kill us. Do they want us to break down our houses and start using as firewood? I am not happy with this removal of kerosene subsidy.



Before now, kerosene was difficult to find except you visit government filling stations like that of the NNPC. My hope is that all other filling stations would make kerosene available so that the suffering can be reduced.

The profit is useful. It is good for the country. You see, every person in business thinks of profit. My hope is that they would use it for the development of the country.



I don’t see the need for subsidy when the masses are suffering especially now that the country is having economic crisis. Government should make sure there is availability of kerosene as the masses find it difficult to see the product and buy.

When you visit some stations, you will see them selling for between N100 and N120. Where did they get it from?

Now that the subsidy is removed anybody that wants to sell kerosene can do so and it will be surplus in filling stations. The subsidy is only making the rich, richer while the masses don't even feel the impact.



I believe removal of subsidy will help common Nigerians. But I have a problem with the removal of subsidy on kerosene. Does it mean that kerosene will be available? Or it will be scarce just like before?

We sometimes, buy from the NNPC station for between N100 and N120 and then pay tips or find someone we know in the filling station before we can buy.


Sometimes we stay for 3 days on the queue waiting. I like the fact that government will make some gain. But 10.72k is too much at most N8 should have been okay since anyone that engages in a business transaction plans to gain.


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