Reading Club unveils 5Bs To Boost Children Self Image.

As part of efforts to continue to cultivate the culture of reading in children at an early age,,Onome Reading Club has again step up it's strategy to help children create self image through the unveiling of what its tagged 5Bs for children and parents which are ,Bless, Beautiful, Brain,Bold and Bouncing in the Lord.

Explaining the idea behind such formular ,the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Club,Mr Babatunde Salami,an educationist and Retired Deputy Director in the Education Sector said, it is imperative to continue to find better way of making the reading process interesting and sustainable through self positive image saying that, the 5Bs is a daily affirmation of children's personality traits in order to further boost their self image and help them build up confidence as they grow.

He said,it will also help them identify and reject negative vices of bully either from peers, outsiders or even parents as well as guardians who may use abusive words to describe them stressing that such attitudes will not add positive value to their self image .

He noted that, Children can be easily distracted by what they see,hear or told hence the 5Bs will build their self worth thinking , understanding, communication and behavior skills to keep them from being victims of daily bully or reduced their self value even at that early age .

He said,using abusive words or bully shut the innate potentials of the children and make them unable to express themselves but with the 5Bs formular, the Children can build up their confidence wherever they go.

He called on parents, guardians and all custodian of children to see them as a blessing and God's heritage that must be guided and helped in the right direction to become useful citizens in the society.

Also speaking, the coordinator of the Reading Club said, Sarah Odugbo said, Children at an early age and at all levels must be observed early and monitored to bring out their innate potentials while correcting traces of vices as no child is above corrections as well as celebrating them to keep them in a stable mind as they grow into the future to become our ambassadors everywhere they go.

She advised every custodian of children to avoid leaving a legacy that will mar their future and make us regret the type of training given to them stressing that, discipline is not a curse but must be balanced with love and guidance,this according to her will give parenthood a meaning.

Others attraction alongside the unveiling for Children was the career talk on early choice of career,safety tips on the Danger of a Stranger and culture of savings early by children as an investment to empower their mindset as they grow up .

The event which was well attended was also used to celebrate the 10years birthday of the founder,Onome Treasure Uko,who launched the Reading Club for Children from age 3 to 6 years in 2016 with the objectives to help Children imbibe the reading culture at an early age,expose them to early speaking, of words, help parents and guardians identify their children interest or weakness in reading and teach them the act of do it yourself mentoring among Others.



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