Written by Sarah NEGEDU

Tension in Bwari over continued detention of palace scribe (3rdlead

Palpable tension has gripped Bwari area council in the Federal Capital Territory over the continued detention of the palace secretary in Ushafa Chief's Palace, Mr. Danlami Bussa.

Bussa is alleged to have conspired with others to murder a senior police officer, ASP Eric Isaiah and one Moses Emmanuel.

A group in the palace has called on the police to either charge Bussa to court or release him unconditionally.

The group, decried the continued detention of the palace scribe by the police since he was arrested on January 23, 2020.

Spokesman of the group, Comrade Solomon Danjuma, observed that if the police have any compelling evidence against the detained palace scribe, it should charge him to court rather than subject him to undue psychological and emotional trauma. 

Danjuma, who spoke over the weekend, stressed that Bussa had met his bail conditions as determined by the police but was still being held, stressing that it was apparent that it was no longer a matter of investigation but torture, just as he insisted that the victims were not killed in the palace as being speculated in the media.

“We demand that the police grant Bussa bail since he has fulfilled the bail conditions or charge him to court. Holding on to him without any valid court order and subjecting him to psychological and emotional trauma stands against the rule of law. 

“We are beginning to think that there is more to this than his alleged offence. We understand that the man's health condition has deteriorated since his incarceration by the police for over a month. It is therefore imperative that they release him to seek better medical attention. It is also curious that other persons arrested alongside with him were granted bail. Why Bussa's case is an exception? 

“It is instructive that every accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, therefore, Bussa is innocent until the court decides otherwise. Keeping him in detention more than the mandatory time frame as stipulated by the constitution leaves us with the notion that he has been found guilty by the police, which lack the authority to decide so,” Danjuma stressed. 

The group threaten that if the police refuses to release him, then they will be compelled to enforce his fundamental human rights through the courts. 

They affirmed that the palace scribe poses no flight risk or threat of physical violence and therefore wants his bail expedited. 

It could be recalled that following the murder of a senior police officer, ASP Eric Isaiah and one Moses Emmanuel over land dispute by persons allegedly mobilized by the traditional ruler of Ushafa community, Alhaji Mohammed Baba and his secretary, Danlami Bussa in Abuja, the Commissioner of Police, CP Bala Ciroma, ordered their immediate arrest and detention.


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