Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH, David LAWANI

Easing lockdown: We must tread cautiously- Abuja residents

As President Muhammadu Buhari eases the lockdown earlier imposed on Lagos, Ogun and Abuja to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and enforces interstate travel restrictions by Monday May 4, 2020, the nation is enveloped in uncertain anxiety. Amidst rising cases of infections, totalling 2,388 with 85 deaths recorded in the country already, some Abuja residents who spoke to David LAWANI and Ere-Ebi AGEDAH urged caution as the country gradually reopens its economy.







RABIU ABUBAKAR: I am happy at government’s decision to ease the lockdown. A lot of us are tired of sitting at home and the lockdown is taking its toll on our businesses. With the partial ease, we can quickly arrange our businesses and get things running before the situation gets worse.

Most Nigeria's live on a daily income and you do not expect us to just seat at home without working. The children can stay at home but let the parents and guardians resume so that many more people do not suffer untold hardship and loss of jobs.

I am also convinced that the federal government has consulted widely before taking this decision. So let us be positive and obey government directives. Use you protective kits when leaving your house and apply all health precautions so that we can get our economy back up and running.

Let me also add that we are aware of some dubious people who are earning fat from this lockdown. If we ease the lockdown it would automatically spoil their operations and afford the government the opportunity to curb these looters early. But when everyone is home who will check these people. I am also convinced that this ease will help a lot of Nigerians, ease the tension and pressure at home and if the need be, the government can again enforce the lockdown order.



in my opinion, government’s decision to ease the lockdown is coming too early. I do not think we are out of the woods yet because we still have new cases every day. I think the government just wants to give Nigerians what they want because in the long run, the fallout of this decision will be on them.

Some people at this point still believe this pandemic is a lie. I am sorry for them because the virus will spread and curtailment will become onerous. When that happens, many people will be left to die, treatment will be according to status and the masses will suffer.

Some persons are causing confusion that they would rather die of covid-19 than hunger. Let's be reminded that the countries sharing relief items to their residents didn't just get there suddenly, it's the product of a working government and system built overtime with continuous modifications.

Nigeria is not there yet and can't be there overnight. Let us bear in mind that whatever happens to us will be our problem first before the government’s. So, before we put ourselves at risk, remember that these people you think you are fighting will steer clear of the virus, and if by chance you get infected, the rich would get first hand treatment before 100 persons will be tested.

Putting yourself at risk is not the best way to fight. You can only fight now because you are alive and hale, once that changes, food, work and movement won't matter anymore. I am convinced that Covid-19 is very much around and the government might not have the capacity to manage a full-blown covid-19 crisis. For those who can, please stay in and stay safe.


OLADAPO KEHINDE: easing of the lockdown is the only solution for now. It will be a huge relief to the masses. The suffering that goes with lockdown is unimaginable. The hunger is biting seriously. There is crime everywhere. As we get out by Monday let everybody follow federal government’s directives on regular hand washing, compulsory use of face masks, maintaining personal hygiene, social distancing etc.

I also discourage the sacking of workers. This pandemic is a global challenge. All nations are suffering it. Government should ensure balance in the distribution of her palliatives. Imagine not working for over one month? We have really gone through hell. I believe once we are able to adhere to this safety rules, definitely we will get it right.

We just want to return to our normal lives. I know it is not easy but we must survive. That is why I am supporting the government for easing the lockdown. The common people have been made to suffer a lot within this short time. We cannot continue like this.



government has not done well on the issue of the lockdown. Why can’t government provide enough money for Nigerians to buy food and stay at home? I am not in support of the lifting of the lockdown because it will further increase the spread of the pandemic across the nation.

Once the lockdown is eased, the chances of the disease spreading would be higher. More persons will contract it. This should not be accepted. Concerned Nigerians should speak up against it. This is not in anyways helping the masses who will suffer the brunt. I won’t advise him to allow free movements at this difficult time.

The best way is to give people money. When people have food at home, they would not roam about spreading the virus in the name of looking for livelihood. This virus will kill more if we are not careful.

Look at America, the government is providing basic things for her citizens and they are willing to cooperate with it. That is the way it should be. The government shares food and money for the people. They will even come and knock at your door. Is that not responsible and respectful enough?










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