Written by Laraba Murey

NGO Calls on FG to relax lockdown



A non- Governmental Organization, Woman Africa International has called on the Federal Government to relax  the lockdown due to the hardship women are going through in this pandemic. 


Founder of  Woman Africa International Rev.Ijeoma Emeribe who spoke to journalists in Abuja said "mothers are weary because they are  at the frontline of this pandemic.


She added  "every woman most go out to get food for her family"


Emeribe said "The children are restless at home it is important for us to gather to speak our minds on this so the world can address this suituation"


while commending the efforts of the Federal Government in the fight to end  covid-19 pandemic Emeribe still expressed concern for the lack of proper information on the type of drugs that was used to treat the Covid-19 patients .


she said "Inability for the Health minister Dr. Osagie Ehanire, to tell us  the particular drug used to cure the 1597 persons is a problem to us" . 


 "Nigeria is a place where all mothers are petty doctors at home she said we find it difficult to go to  hospital we prefer to stay at home and give our family care. She said 


"182 deaths is much but what is the rate of death in a particular state we do not know, a lot  of women are dying because they are afraid of going to the hospital so they won't be declared to have covid -19" 


According to her,  the lockdown is not in  favour of women  as most offices and businesses are locked up,


"60% of women are petty traders  and they need to sustain their families they are not  government workers who many receive their pay " 


Emeribe noted  there is increase in domestic violence because sources of income have shut down that continual stay of this lockdown will destroy more homes.  


"There is no food at home the man is angry and transfers it on the women, men want their freedom "



The founder  recommended that the donations made to Nigeria during the pandemic should be used to set up structures that  will empower women in both rural and urban settlements.




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